Tell me how you would tickle my feet to make me scream the loudest and use a safe word? ;)
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your safe word would be RED your feet would be tied together in front of me and totaly helpless and as im making your feet wrinkle from tickling them your toes would be in between my lips while my tongue licks in between each one gitchy gitchy;)

i would tie your feet down and tickle them

id rather how you :P hehe,,, i like to start with a feather or two teasing, then move on to one fingernail, to scribbles, making sure u realize how its getting worse and how helpless you are as i tickle u,, get out the brush and electric tooth brush and alternate between those evil things for awhile, if u still havnt safed word give u a short break, make u feel like u have won while i get the blow dryer and heat your feet up, then start all over with my feather, ( i often use oil, and sometimes my tongue depending on my moods)

Your ankles would need to be tied to some sturdy bed posts, and your toes tied back to keep your feet immobile. Then start lightly with only a few fingers(or a feather if your actually feather ticklish) as a warm up. Once you're giggling, switch to just hands and use more nails. I like a lot of build up, gradually getting worse and worse. Eventually, after an application of baby oil, I'd scrub one foot with a good stiff bristle hair brush while I'd tickle in between the toes of the other foot with one of those nifty electric flossers, switching back and forth between the feet periodically, and every once in a while ganging up on one foot with both tools. If there were any resistance left on your part, all my fingernails on your oily feet would soon put an end to it.

OMG yesssssss! I love it. The oil would kill me and I would probably scream until I was hoarse with the brush ;) would love every second of it

Glad to hear it. Cute feet too, by the way.

Thank you ;)

I would slide my tongue between your toes while lightly sliding my nails up and down your soles with my nails at the same time. No safe word needed because it would be the most delicious and erotic torture you will ever have and you will love every second of it. It will do nice things to your girly spot.

Feathers, oil and fingers! Aaaand, safe word? Naaaaaaah... you have to be tortured

Hmmm...Sounds like toe ties, baby oil and the right hairbrush might be in order there ;)

Would love to do the toe ties! I've never done that

Safe word?? I think not. :P

Oh you don't use those?

I understand their importance, but it is fun to pretend to ignore them when it comes to tickling. You'll be tickled for as long as I wish to tickle you! ;)

I would,but ironically,that word would be "MORE"

Lol! I only scream out the safe word when I can't breathe from laughing so hard, but hey if I pass out I guess it's not that big a deal. I would wake up eventually

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