I'm Not Alone

I've often told my wife that I'd rather see her walk around topless in levis, than naked. I also told her the same goes for most other women I see. I think that it is much more sexy to be in jeans than any other kind of semi-nudity.  Compare the skimpiest bikini to topless jeans, and the jeans win hands down.

My wife always thought I was weird about this point, but then again, she thinks I'm just weird, period. Based on that, I assumed that my position on this subject was unique. Imagine my relief to know that there are several hundred other guys who feel the same way.

I think the only thing better than a beautiful lady topless in jeans, would be bright red high heals, and jeans, topless.

It took me two months since I originally wrote this, but I finally got the opportunity to provide indisputable visual evidence that proves my point.

It doesn't take much to excite an old guy like me, and if you add the red shoes, I'm in heaven.

You can check out more "Topless in Jeans and Red Shoes" in my profile.

TheWiseOldFool TheWiseOldFool
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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

As a nudist, I am not as excited about total nudity. When something is left to the imagination, itdefinitely becomes more erotic.

Visualone, send me a pic in Black or Navy and I'd be glad to give you the benefit of my extensive experience. I don't profess to understand it, but I've been assured by my better half that different colors work better with different ladies.<br />
<br />
Its the least I can do for you......