A Different Type Of Vampire Sex...

I am UNBELIEVABLY turned on by female vampires and vampire stories. I have this incredible fantasy about male / female vampires that need not get your blood, but actually need your c*m to survive. I have a million and one fantasies that I can write...oh what a release it would be! It's the bite on the neck (I *LOVE* the neck!) that puts the victim into complete submission to sex as the vampire forces them to c*m through his / her power. It is SO SEXY and SUCH a TURN ON! I fantasize of being the vampire who will stalk the sexy un-expecting female, put the love bit on their neck and feast on their body and make them c*m against their will! On the flip side of all that, I dream of being attacked by two or three sexy female vampires who bite my neck aggressively all over and force me to make them c*m and then suck me so hard that it is the best hurt of my life just so they can get to the prize. I'm sweating writing this!

So it's not about blood, but stalking for someone's c*m to keep them going. Fangs and all! WOW! IT'S SO HOT!
kxk75 kxk75
36-40, M
Aug 8, 2010