I Love Being Bitten...

I wish that I would be taken by a vampire, his rough hands pulling my head to the side revealing my pale neck. I would feel his stare burning into the spot he was about to bite before he began to kiss and suck there, calming be, making the blood rush to the surface before the inevitable. His teeth scrape gently across my neck sending a shiver down my spine before he clamps down; a sharp pain followed by exquisite pleasure. The feeling of being taken, used, fed from and then discarded only for him to come back some time later to feed again; the feeling of being wanted and truly desired.
kaaylou kaaylou
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4 Responses May 20, 2012

I don't have fangs but I would LOVE to taste your blood. From the neck would be nice...

Nicely written and quite "hot" too :)

Thank you :)

Damon, Steffan, Edward, or the Count himself, any preferances?<br />
Nicely written?

Thank you :)
And fangs, good looks and a strong presence is all I need...

I can't believe I m the first one to rate up this story<br />
I m becoming a fan of ur writings

I feel so honoured, thank you for the kind words :)