My Husband Let Me Get Pregnant By An Ex-boyfriend

I couldn't find a group that fitted my story, but as my husband was very turned on by my pregnancy I decided to post it here.

We had been trying for a baby for about 5 months when my husband started joking about finding another man to impregnate me.  He’d been incredibly turned on sharing me a year earlier so I guessed straight away that it was something he was fantasising about, but we teased each other about it for another couple of months before he admitted the idea really turned him on suggested we find someone for real.
By then I was desperate for a baby so I told him I would do it if he was serious and was sure he wouldn’t hold it against me later or let it affect our marriage.  Over the next few days we talked about practically nothing else and decided that it was something we both wanted to do to give us a baby, but also because it was intensely exciting and arousing for both of us.
Our first problem was deciding who to choose.  My husband didn’t want it to be anyone he knew or who would be around afterwards so he wanted a stranger, but there was no way I was going to have a baby with someone I didn’t know or like.  We finally decided on an ex-boyfriend from my school days who I’d kept in touch with.  Neil was married with two young children so I knew he would be discreet and he lived about 25 miles away so my husband wouldn’t have to worry about him being around.
Although I hadn’t seen him for years, his seduction turned out to be unexpectedly easy and quick.  He worked near my parent’s house so I managed to accidently on purpose bump into him when he was on his lunch break.  We didn’t have much time that day, but we did have a kiss and a cuddle before he had to go and I persuaded him to come to our house one afternoon the following week while my husband was at work when I knew I would be fertile. 
I didn’t want to scare him off so I didn’t tell him my husband knew or that I wanted to get pregnant and luckily he never asked about precautions.  That afternoon was very special, we made love twice and he ********** inside me both times.  I just knew I would conceive so by the time my husband arrived home I was already wondering how long it took to get pregnant, when I’d know for sure and even who the baby would look like.
My husband was as excited as I was and wanted to hear all the details while he made love to me, and then had me tell him again several times over the next few days.
I missed my next period, a test soon proved I was pregnant and we knew it had to be Neil’s baby as it was too much of a coincidence not to be his after months of trying.  Although we had talked through how we would feel, the reality of having another man’s baby really hit home to me and actually made me feel a bit sad, but my husband was wonderful and supportive.  He reassured me that it was what we both wanted and had planned together so the baby would be ours even if it was Neil’s ***** that impregnated me.
We decided to tell Neil I was pregnant, but not that it was his which he accepted with great relief although I wasn’t convinced he believed me.  He phoned every week for a chat and to see how I was and when I saw him he was very much the proud father to be, resting his hand on my bump and fussing over me.
One evening he told me that at first he had been worried about his wife finding out and had been very relieved when he realised I wasn’t going to make any emotional or financial calls on him, but when he saw how happy I was to be pregnant he hoped it really was his baby and asked me again if I was sure it wasn’t.  I did feel guilty lying to him and if he’d had left it at that I might have told him, but he went on to say he was very turned on by the thought of getting me pregnant while I was married, which annoyed me.  My husband was turned on that I was pregnant by another man, but that didn’t upset me because I knew he loved me and wanted the baby and he didn’t make me feel that I was just a fantasy or sex object.  
After my initial doubts I was very happy to be pregnant and just thought of the baby as ours.  Apart from the usual sickness and tiredness we both enjoyed my pregnancy and had a beautiful daughter who my husband dotes on and as she resembles my side of the family no-one has ever doubted she’s not his.
I got pregnant again a year later, by another friend, and Neil assumed it was my husband’s which I thought would make it easier to persuade him my daughter was also my husband’s, but he still didn’t believe me. 
He eventually asked the question I had been dreading which was how I was so sure and I made up a story about a blood test during my pregnancy proving she was my husband’s, but that meant I had to admit that I had thought it was his baby up to then.
This is already quite a long post so I will stop there, but I will write again when I get time if anyone is interested.
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Although my wife had had affairs with other men previous to this,
I sort of allowed my wife to have sex with my best friend. He would always complement me on her looks, and how he would have loved to have met a woman like my wife, how lucky I was,etc...When my wife and I had sex, I would tell her this, and finally I asked her if she would ever consider having sex with him, being he was so hot for her...At first she was skid-dish, but to make a long story shorter, she consented. I consented for her to date him, and if they would go out, I would take care of our two children until they came home. It reached the pointthat when he would visit us, and if he stayed overnight, I would let him sleep with my wife in our room. Anyway, (probably accidentally on purpose) my wife became pregnant by my friend,and we now have a lovely almost 3 year old child, which I adore like our other two siblings. However, Beware though, my wife and I both have Mediterranean, Italian / Greek "Olive skin" complexion, and our third child, does not resemble his two older siblings. He has a lighter complexion than my wife, and has light blue eyes and chestnut, almost reddish hair like Ed, his true father, as opposed to brown eyes and black hair, like his mother and Myself. If they look at us and stare, well we blame it on some fictitious Irish ancestors of my wife.

It' s a good idea

It's unconventional and not easily understood. We've had two children during our marriage, each from other men. It was a long process that led us to make these choices but after 4 years and 2 children, we want to try for one more. Hang in there and thanks for sharing.

Love your story! It's nice to hear from someone also in what would be considered an unconventional family. If ever you want to chat let me know.

I suspect that method is used more often than some people think it is. Why not make it a pleasurable experience for the wife rather than some clinical affair?

I'm sexually arroused upon reading this story. It would be nice that we all exchange wives for a month or two so that we can have our wives impregnated by another man.

Your husband is a lucky man. I am happy for both of you. Have you had anymore children? Do you continue to have friends on the side? ???

What a wonderful story. My wife and I have 2 children together and we have a 3rd child that is hers from a lover. I love the child as my own but it turns me on to think that another man impregnated my wife and that she carried his child.

I know what you mean about getting turned on. Never thought I'd be hard in the middle of the night having to change the diaper of a baby belonging to my wife and some guy that's long gone.

I think Artificial Insemination is a terrible thing for a couple to have to resort to. Its expensive, lacks the pleasure and passion that was intende by nature. Clearly less fun for a wife, offers little visual excitment for a husband unless pushing down on a syringes plunger filled with another mans seed sounds like fun. Share the pleasure.

This is much more common than most people think it is. Even when one studies Genealogy this is very common. It is called “a non-paternal event” and can now be traced easily via DNA testing. My wife has such a desire before. Here is her email to me describing one such event while I was working out of town:

I can’t wait he f*** me. His co** filled up my cu**. Every time his co** in and out made me jump up and happy to cry. Must your ***** me made he couldn’t stop himself, his milk shoot in my cu**. I’m very nervous because I don’t want have baby that’s him, but he told me I would have his baby. Oh, my god, his co** suddenly hard again. Wol, his co** very pink with some milk, I can’t stop even if I scared baby he give while he sucks my nipple. I love you my husband. You are so kindly give me chance tell you about Mark and make me happy. But he still no long around 5 min. had to ********* again. This time I had to complain him. I told he no next, he promise he can try make time longer and no milk in. He said my cu** very tight he even gotten, so I should give time to him adjust. He hopes I marry him, promise I would own his money, house, and everything he has. I admit I am nearly touch emotionally from him, but I know I am who your wife, then I told him I very sorry that I can’t marry him, I have very nice husband. If you came here for wreck my family please go out.

You see, women by their very nature want to have the dual benefits of a secure home AND they also want the benefit of the best possible ***** for reproduction. That is why so many of them have affairs, with or without their husband’s permission.

Another one of her boyfriends told me in an email:

Your wife used to beg me while I was fu**ing her "U give me good cream? huh? U fu** so gooooood - uhh!" Love to suck those beautiful nips of hers while I fu** your wife. Admit she does have the most beautiful little **** I’ve ever seen... Nipples r exceptional!! Dammm, could pull 'em way out while she came every time! She was always the best! Only girl I know that could get me to fill her with a TON of cream... OW! I'd cream in her like a hose!!!! SHE loved it; I loved it.

Of course I would often fall asleep waiting for them 2 lovers to finish their date. So when my wife came into our bed again, I would wake up sleepy and just reach over to kiss her and hug her. Then as I got hornier I would eat her cu** in the dark. Sometimes I would get a “Cream Pie” surprise that Guy left me, so there is no doubt that she was trying to have his baby. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

On another occasion, I reminded her boyfriend of one of his dates with my wife:

As a matter of fact now I remember one time she went out on a dinner date with you all dolled up and wearing a very short dress. I was talking to her as she showered, put on her makeup, fixed here hair, and then slipped on some underwear and a dress. She is so smart and could tell that I was loving all of this so she really put on a big show for me then. Then to top it all off she gives me a big hug and a kiss before walking out the door to you and says, "I love you - be good while you are home". Later, when she walked in the door I asked her how her date was and she said "very nice". That short dress that you told her to wear was driving me crazy and I couldn't keep my hands off of her. I slid my hand up her soft legs and was rubbing them so nice. I was in heaven rubbing those fine little legs of hers. Then after she relaxed - I slid up further on her legs and under that short dress, by the time I reached up to feel her wet panties I was so panty. WOW! I asked her where are your panties? She said that Guy made me take them off tonight during dinner. There is no doubt that you fu**ed her a dozen times, because she slept for 2 days when she came home, hehe. You flat wore out her cu** my friend, hehe.

It is so commonplace now that many men have just come to accept it ~ or even enjoy it themselves also. Being cuckold is now more common in marriages and relationships, much more common than the average person thinks it is.

I was almost one of those guys a few years ago. I loved her personality and liked both of them as friends. The whole idea was new to me at the time and I didn't understand what they were I wish I had taken them up on it. I always enjoyed their company and would have liked being the "uncle".

please post more that was a hot story

A very good erotic story just love it .I have A married couple good friends with me and my wife we don't have kids wife can not have any we are A swinging married couple and we been seeing them for 15 years and I am the father of there 4 Kids my friend has A very low ***** count and they been raising the kids as there own the kids call me and wife uncle and aunt and we are happy with that. They was like us was very erotic game we played and still do she only 42 and still not using birth control so we see what happens that's another story.

nice post!

wow, very nice! how did it feel, doing it knowing you were fertile?

Great story, and thanks for sharing. The thought of my wife having other men's children turns me on. Glad you could actually experience it and think of it as a positive.

Congratulations to both of you

my husband also came up with the idea of me ******* other guys to get pregnant, and i had few guys in mine, so when my friends flirted with me we ******. i had done all 5 guys so to make sure if it wasnt hubbys even i wouldnt know which one fathered my son, but i found out later who it was i was excited.

Congrats! Your husband is a very very lucky man to be married to such a wonderful woman such as yourself!