Black Bred Family

My wife has been black bred Four times. We now have Four black babbies. We are now having our 18 year old daughter black bred. My wife and I have really enjoyed watching her breeding sessions and can't wait to rub her swolen belly.
blk1964 blk1964
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you need to get her play with the ******* **** until she likes the taste of it then let him have her, its only the ******* right to impregnate her as soon as he can!!

WOW I love it, I am trying to get my wife to go black and risk it

Very good... White women are good for one thing.being a ******* *****. And having ****** babies. If theyre old enough to crawl then theyre in the right position.
Black women should be the queen wives and white girls the ******* ***** and breeding hole.
I hope to breed my white daughters to the biggest ****** i can find... Shes only 6 now


I agree with your message 100 percent. Has your 6 year old been with any nig*gers yet?

she should be made to play with the ******* **** until she takes it in her mouth then let him breed her!

That sounds wonderful we should support more non black married couples to carry black babies. Mother nature intended for African genes to be passed on more readily because the African men have to best ability to do so. The only Y genes left will be that from Africa. I am so happy for you and wish the best for your beautiful children.

sex with your own daughter is really sick. stop. get help.

that sounds great. my mom remarried last year to an older black man. he wants to bang my little 19yr old wife. I not sure if I could knowingly let him. My wife is very nervouse about the whole thing. my mom has been talking to her about it. His goal is to have her in a nine man gand bang to train her right as he put it, you have any ideas on this?

Unsure, your wife is more scared than turned on I bet. I believe you would have better luck talking to your mom and having her have her husband just talk about beding your wife by himself for starters. She could also tell your wife how much she would enjoy being with him. You know go slow. I have been a cuck most of my marriage and it has worked well for us. Trust me you will be proud that other men find your wife hot and want her. I am assumming that your mom wants your wife to servce her husband. Trust your mom and support your wife, as her husband you will want her to have the best sex possible. Good luck.

Well we know you moms black husband wants to **** her, we know your mom wants her husband to **** her and we know your wife wants some big black **** she is just "nervous". It just sounds like you are not sure. I would ecourage it. Have her start with your moms boy friend then move on to a few black bulls. Then finally the nine man gang bang so your wife can become "trained" as your moms husband would say. You will notice that once your wiife goes through something like that she will never be the same wife you once had. She will do anything she can to get black **** and many of them. She will also probably become pregnant being bred by some anonymous black bull! If that happens you will find it to be an amazing feelling knowing your wife is carrying a black baby. And the way for you to deal with it all, is to watch your wife as she goes through her black **** "transformation". After a while not only will you be able to accept it but you will come to a point where you will see the absolute Xstasy your wife will be going through. This will probably turn you on but if not you will have to accept it because your wife will never be the same!

With all due respect, your wife is going to be bred wtih or without you. I have a sexy fun way that you and your wife can enjoy if you're interested?
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That sounds wonderful idea from your mother. Your mother knows best and she wants you to have the best too. I wish your mother could adopt me and black my wife. You should slowly introduce her to IR movies and start doing it to the movies. The sex you have with her should be quick less than 5 minutes till you finish leaving her sexually frustrated while the movie is still going to see how long that black actor lasts and how much bigger he is. Then to make up for it buy big black toys and please her with them. Slowly the only way she can be happy is with big black toys and will want black men. To see your wife truly be happy is all that you, your mom and your wife will want. I hope for the best and pray for you!

it is his right to breed her!

black men, have the right to breed all white women married to white husbands or not!

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Yeah that's just f**king sick....dumb bas*ard

I am very happy that you like my post. My daughter is 6 and a half months pregnant and she looks beautiful. Her belly is swollen and her **** have gotten huge. She was a 34DD before we had her black bred and now they have balloned up to 34EE's. My daughter and I had sex the other night. I used every hole on her body she came like crazy then I emptied my self out into to her. My wife and I are having her black **** gang banged this weekend their's supposed to be 8 black men. I can't wait to see her triple penetrated with a black **** in her mouth, ***** and *** she loves that. The last time we had her black **** gang banged she looked magnificent and the sounds ******* out of her were magical.

Thanks for your support. I don't pay attention to the haters they don't know what they are missing. Do you have any stories to share? My daughter and I would love to here them.

You are sick, you should keep this sort of thing for designated websites

Our daughter is now 6 months pregnant from her black **** breeding sessions. I love rubbing her belly and caressing her swollen breasts. My daughters **** have gotten huge since becoming pregnant. My daughter and I had sex last night she looked so beautiful I used every hole on her body. She came like crazy and then I emptied myself out inside of her.

Another BS story