My Second Baby

I previously posted how my husband let me get pregnant by an ex-boyfriend and thought it was about time I told about my second baby.  I never went back on the pill after our daughter was born, but I was happy with our baby so I wasn’t even thinking about finding another man to impregnate me.
I went to a school reunion held at a big hotel and must admit I was looking forward to seeing me ex-boyfriend Neil again as well as catching up with my old school friends.  It was only about a half hour drive away, but my husband suggested I booked a room in the hotel where it was being held so I could enjoy myself and have a drink without worrying about driving home.  We also hoped I would be able to spend at least part of the night with Neil.
Neil was there, but apart from saying hello he seemed to be trying to avoid me.  However, I got chatting to David who‘d flown down from Edinburgh especially for the reunion and was staying at the hotel.  I’d had a big crush on him at school and it turned out that he’d felt the same way about me, but had been too shy to do anything about it.  He definitely wasn’t shy any longer and after an evening of dancing and smooching we spent the night together in my room.
We made love soon after we went to bed and again when he woke me in the middle of the night by stroking my breasts and tummy.  We were cuddled up in bed talking just after we woke in the morning when he asked what my husband would do if he found out we’d spent the night together and he was surprised when I told him he didn’t get jealous so wouldn’t mind and that I’d tell him about it when I got home.
Then he suddenly asked if I was on the pill and started worrying about me getting pregnant when I told him I wasn’t.  I quickly worked out the dates and told him it should be safe, but admitted I hadn’t thought about it before we made love.  David’s girlfriend was on the pill so he didn’t have any condoms and we decided we’d been both so turned on that we would have made love anyway even if we had thought about it.
Cuddled up talking about it turned us both on again and David started teasing me by asking what my husband would say about me risking it and what would happen if I got pregnant and I told him it would probably turn him on.  We were both extremely aroused and while we were making love again he told me he would love to get me pregnant and I remember saying “perhaps next time”. 
It was getting late so David went back to his room and we both got showered and dressed and met in the dining room for breakfast.  We got a few knowing looks from some of our friends so we guessed they’d worked out we spent the night together, but we decided we didn’t care.  In fact it was quite exciting quietly talking to David surrounded by our watching friends and feeling his ***** leaking into my knickers.
We exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch before we parted, but we didn’t know if we would be able to meet up as he lived in Scotland with his girlfriend.
My husband was very excited hearing all about it when I got home and he thought it was a big turn on that David had told me he wanted to get me pregnant.  He made me promise to see David again if I could and told me to try to arrange it for when I was fertile; he even said he’d pay the air fare if I went to see him. 
David phoned a few weeks later for a chat and when I told him I wasn’t pregnant he mentioned my comment about “next time” and asked if I meant it.  I told him I did and when I asked him what he had in mind he said he was thinking of telling his girlfriend he was coming down “on business”.  I’d already worked out my fertile dates after I’d talked to my husband so we quickly agreed on a date for him to come down.
I spent two nights in a hotel with David and went home during the day while he was at his meetings.  Making love knowing I was fertile was very erotic for both of us and the whole time just seemed so intimate and loving that I didn’t want it to end.  My husband had taken time off work to look after our baby and going home to him each day knowing I could be pregnant was very erotic for both of us.
I got pregnant and David was the first to know after my husband, even before we told our parents, and he sent me a big bouquet of flowers which I thought was lovely.  David phoned me throughout my pregnancy and managed three more “business trips” to see me.  I stayed with him each time and he loved my swelling breasts and belly as much as my husband did.
I saw him a few times after our son was born until he was promoted at work and moved to Canada which made further meetings impossible, but we have a lovely little boy to remember him by.  He also married his girlfriend and they have a baby so it’s probably for the best. 
Whereas my daughter looks like my side of the family and nothing like her father, our son does resemble David, particularly when he looks at me in a certain way.  My sister is the only one who has mentioned it when she stayed with us for a few days with her children and wondered who in the family he looked like.  She was at the same school as me and David, but two years younger so it’s unlikely she would know him and we’re not concerned, my husband even joked about me and the milkman with her.
With my husband’s encouragement I have been having an affair for the last two years, but went back on the pill so no more children although I do think it would be nice to have his baby sometime.  My husband says he doesn’t want me to get old and regret missing out so it’s up to me whether I have another one and that he would enjoy this pregnancy as much as the others if that’s what I want.
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Would love to chat with you more!

So incredibly hot, absolutely love it! Amazing woman, and your husband is one lucky man...

I think it is awesome that you cuckold your husband and get pregnant and have open affairs. That is so wonderful. I say that as a cuckold husband with four children, none of which resemble me at all, for good reasons. Please share this lifestyle with other women so that it becomes more of the norm.

Hey great story and well done on getting pregnant twice to two differnt men..Sounds like we in the same neck of the woods so if you want to try for three get in touch!

very nice! do you still meet other men as well?

Awesome story

great story. I hope it all works out for you all.