Perhaps Someone Could Tell Me

I was talking with my cyber lover just the other day about this... and neither of us had the answer. But you people would know if anyone did!

WHAT is the attraction of having a woman in diapers? How is changing her in any way sexy? What is the sexy part?
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For me, it is the 'innocence' of it all. You have an adult who is wearing a wet (or possibly messy diaper) and she is trusting you to not judge her and to clean her up, to reassure her that she is a Princess...despite her need to wear and use diapers. You have to re-diaper her and make her feel loved even tho she has 'accidents', then carry on as 'normal'.....and hopefully repeat the task a few hours later :-).

i love to see women i diapers and also peeing and pooping in them i also wear diapers and do the same in them

I think it is a preference, like any other taste... So people like black jelly beans and others can stand them. It is just nice when u find someone you can share ur tastes with.

Thank you. I think you helped explain this a little better.

I am not disgusted by the wearing or the peeing... even if I don't understand them, I am NOT disgusted.... I do admit that the thought of cleaning up an adult's poo from a diaper is a bit disturbing... not that I am against anal play at all, you understand... I think the idea of an adult sized BM is just a bit.... more than I was able to deal with at the time..... sorry if I offended, I sincerely AM trying to understand and have no wish to offend.

Without the diaper fetish mind set I can understand the disgust you exhibit for the lifestyle and that is the general reaction of most folks. I thought you were trying to understand and just weren't curious. Seems that those people that are just curious enjoy putting others down just because we are both different and thats sad. I wish you peace though. 'Mechanical' has a great word on the subject he expresses better than I could.

Well Sabrina I think its the nature of fetishes that if they don’t do anything for you it can be difficult to get your head round some of them. Also for the most part its not something people consciously choose. I think this has a certain logic to it? <br />
I certainly find other peoples fetishes like whips & chains pretty difficult to understand,. However, as long as its just between consenting adults & they are not doing each other terrible damage I think let them go ahead & do it.<br />
As far as diapers are concerned I enjoy images of women with their diaper exposed around the crutch area. The padding draws my eyes to the area between their legs where you shouldn't be looking in polite company. I also like the fact that the extra padding between the legs usually results in thighs being spread further apart than would normally be regarded as decent.<br />
I like to see the diaper offset by the sight of a pair of female boobs or a significant amount of cleavage. I guess this reassures me that its a mature woman I'm looking at, & not a child, which thankfully seems to be an important trigger to making it OK for me to feel aroused.<br />
I also like to see ex<x>pressions on the on the wearers face which tells me they are enjoying themselves & its a deliberate tease. Not something which they are finding shameful or embarrassing. <br />
I don't find adults behaving like babies does much for me & although I have a toilet fetish I’m rather neutral as to whether the diaper is being used or not. I'd rather see bulges & wet patches in pants.<br />
But I can understand the sense of security it might give t someone with a similar fetish to me regarding containment + protection of soft furnishings + activities in public places.<br />
I think quite a lot of the excitement comes from the sense of being naughty & the wearer has constant reminders from the rubbing that they’re wearing something naughty which they shouldn’t. <br />
The close proximity of genitals to our bladder & bowels & the dual nature of some organs lead the possibility of getting wires crossed at an early age.<br />
I got the impression as a child that things which went on in this area were dirty but somehow enjoyable quite a long time before I understood about sex between adults & my earliest childhood involuntary erections were around toilet accidents.<br />
Some people also say diaper wearing is a kind of escape from the stressful world of being an adult.<br />
A kind of retreat from grown up worries through infantile regression. They claim it makes them feel totally relaxed & has a kind of meditation quality to it. So it's not always a sexual thing. Although I think for most recreational wearers there's probably a mixture of both at play here.<br />
Hope this helps.

sorry, synsearly, but... poopy diapers on an ADULT? Eeeeeew!

i gotta agree, not my thing but to each their own

Oh my,a lady in diapers especially if they are full brings our imagination at full mast those of us that have them I am fortunate enough to be just smooth in front and can relishanother lady like me moving that hot load of poop back and forth slowly until my **** explodes all over the place.<br />
What it is for a guy I can't say. Sweet hot poopy dreams. A little jalepeno oil on your boobs really makes it great, everything is hot.<br />
Changing a lady babies diaper can be fun for the mommy or daddy that likes to role play with their baby and maybe have sex too, I like two guys changing me then I like to do them and after they are spent and fully relaxed I like to diaper them and be the mommy; let them get some suck time off my breasts and maybe just have some mommy ***** sex in my own diapers.

Well, I'm still not entirely sure I get it... seriously, I mean, I do understand the concept of "naughty knowledge" like my knowing I am wearing incredibly sexy lingerie while in a business suit because I am having a date later... yeah, that it erotic. Diapers to me do not look erotic... don't feel erotic and don't SMELL erotic. But OK, I think I now have a glimmer of an idea of what you are getting turned on by....<br />
<br />
But CHANGING them? That I still don't get.

SabrinaGirl, <br />
<br />
igowex2 explained it well. It's more the secret knowledge of the diaper, and what it allows you to do that makes it exciting to us that benefit from being turned on by diapers. For someone that gets zero titilation from them, I really am not sure it would have the same pizazz. But, for example, if you're into bondage (of sorts) and this gives you that level of "control" over your subject, and you can control when and where they relieve themselves, it certainly adds another level to the game, that is mostly unseen and transparent to anyone not in the know. The fact that it deals with bodily functions brings it much closer to the realms of other (wet) sexual games. Modify the plan a bit (maybe some lubricated plastic panties inside the diaper) and you could take someone right to the edge without people nearby even realizing what's going on. It's all in the playful aspects of it that relate somewhat to loss of control, having someone in command, being able to do something that no one else (without a diaper) can do, etc. <br />
<br />
Again, if this is just you and a gal friend trying to find fun with diapers, it probably is never going to be as sexual as it is for those of us that had this in our brain at 5, never knowing where it would lead us in life. <br />
<br />
Hope it makes sense.<br />
<br />

It's erotic because it's different, and it draws attention to the private areas.<br />
<br />
Everyone pees in the toilet. Everyone has vanilla sex. The monotony of everyday activity is broken by the reversal of roles. The adult acting like a child draws interest because it is unusual.<br />
<br />
Furthermore, this interest is centered around the diaper area. If we go out together and you are in a diaper, then I am thinking about it, as well as the body parts inside of it, and so it becomes a sexual focus. If you are peeing yourself standing right beside me then I can visualize it, and changing the diaper just allows further attention to be paid towards those important parts.

I am sorry, but I still don't quite get it. So let me try and get this.... I am an adult woman wearing adult clothes.... we go out together and I am in a diaper. How is it somewhat erotic that I pee in the diaper as opposed to a toilet? How is it erotic to change my diaper instead of just going to bed with me?

Ok, it hasn't been mentioned here (yet), but there is a "sort of" chastity thing going on, too. You're pretty well taped into the diaper, and the mental effect for the giver/taker can be that patting & checking & sniffing and other babyish tendencies are meant to be proximity pleasures, but the diaper sort of limits things, until, that is, it gets removed for cleaning and powdering. At that point, it's as the guys say, you're busy cleaning, checking, powdering, etc. and it's all meant to be childlike fun, almost like when you played virtual house as a kid and took care of a baby. There's no pedo intent or fascination, just a nurturing of a play partner type of activity. Sex can happen or not, and if not, the chastity continues on!<br />
<br />

RustyZipper captured a lot in his two comments and did so very accurately. The whole scene and its variety of likes and dislikes has as many variables as there are people involved. Often, likes and dislikes change from day-to-day depending on ones mood.<br />
<br />
When people are wearing diapers, this becomes the focus. Whether it's the beginning of fore play or what have you, the diaper and accoutrements, and how all of these things interact with each other and the people involved, becomes the focus of activities. Since 'our kind' already has a mind set of enjoying diapers and the scene then the whole play and activities around the scene cause pleasure and excitement.<br />
<br />
That probably makes no sense, but it is very hard to put into words why these items 'turn us on'!

Well, think about it. All the "peeing bits" and the "sex bits" are intermingled. I think that's because they're meant to be used together. I suppose I'm a little biased, in that I used to (as a kid) either wet myself, or **********. I liked both equally, and they were both utterly satisfying to me. One day, it dawned on me that if they were great separately, they must be even better together. And I was correct. So, I've always associated the smell (whether fresh or that lingering yellow cloud aroma) with pleasure. If you do that often enough, you too will find it has an intoxicating aroma.<br />
<br />
As far as being changed...yes to all of the questions. Could be... naughty little girl.... naughty big girl..... too lazy to be bothered to hold it... couldn't hold it... didn't want to hold it... prefers being wet to being dry. And while being changed, could be passive, and just luxuriate in the attention and ministrations... or not. Either way is good.

Urine has an intoxicating aroma??? Ummmm.....<br />
<br />
so, is the woman supposed to be, like, a little girl and have her diaper changed? Or is she a woman who just can't hold it? And is she like, um, passive while being changed?

It's partly regressive. It's partly naughty. It's also very least I think so. It's something "big girls shouldn't do". It's fun. It's free. It's a renewable resource. It's warm. It's slippery (and a wonderful lubricant). It's nice to see...wonderful to see, in fact. It's got an intoxicating aroma... especially after being soggy for a few hours. It's exciting to hear the sound of it happening...that muted hissing sound. Changing exposes all the "secret bits" that girls have...and boys don't. All in all... a delight for the senses, and the imagination.