All I Have Are Images. I Want The Real Deal.

There are plenty of professional Diaper Girl images out there but that is all they are is a collection of images. I truly love the look these images portray and could be a very happy man if I were to actually meet a sweet, petite diaper wearing gal. There is a lot to be said for a woman that wears a diaper well. The right portions to a girlish figure seem to be amplified in such a way to make the hormonal responses for myself (male) go into overdrive. It's the stimulus my brain processes as a bit of the impish taboo I believe all MEN are inclined to. For some guys it may be whips and chains but for me I like the subtle softness of a Daddy's Baby girl type.I have never experienced the rearing of a child so all of my thoughts are geared toward the regression of adult woman into adult baby. I think because an adult woman will still be ADULT as a baby adds to the pleasure of changing a dirty/wet diaper. The "Norm" is just an abstraction of primordial chemistry and "They" say to deviate from some stupid idea of how love should be expressed is in violation of normal rules and regulations. Poppycock !! I think a woman who wants to be a baby is a fantastic reality. It is harmless to all who may come in contact with such a gal. I know for a fact that it can trigger a full spectrum of emotion from the jealousy of those that are inhibited within themselves, to the, I got to get more information, sect of human response. My response is always going to be one of the latter I mentioned. Then there are other factors that send me on a journey down "I wanna-be-her-Daddy" lane. Baby powder is a powerful tool for making the connection to being the Daddy. The smoothness of freshly cleaned skin, to include a soapy scraping off of any adult- like hair growth. The entire diapering process of a woman is as erotic as anything I could ever wish to experience. When a woman has transgressed her appearance to one of a more innocent and much simpler time the Daddy in me stirs with a passion for protecting my baby's desires as well as My Baby.That moment is when a man becomes a Daddy. I want with all my heart to be there for my Baby Girl.  Images cannot be held or cuddled, tickled or teased, taken to places to show off all the sexy softness baby girls have to offer.I really want the real deal. My spirit will be more in balance with my Baby as the equilibrium.
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and that is why i love E.P. soo much, you find someone who shares a similar interest and then if you're lucky enough, they take the words right out of your mouth and negate the need to type anything yourself haha<br />
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thank you for taking the time to share, my thoughts exactly man!!