Ladies In Diapers

I love seeing a lady in diaper pics also in real lif . I also put a couple of ladies myself into diapers . One lady I spanked her shaved her ***** then diapered her .

wildman43055 wildman43055 41-45, M 6 Responses Dec 25, 2009

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I would love to change a lady in diapers.
Spread her legs, undo the diaper, open in up, clean and wash her butt and *****, and dry them, and puff a little bit of baby powder between her legs. lift up her buttt to get the clean , soft cotton diaper under her ***. I would get it JUST right.

No, but I wish I did

.I would Love to spank you and put you in diaperss . Do you live in Ohio

Wish I was her

Wish I was her

Did ya get pictures?