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If I see a woman in pantyhose ahead of me in the street, I quicken my pace to catch her up, so I can discreetly gaze at the sexy nylon..mmmmm
helterskelter50 helterskelter50 41-45, M 10 Responses Sep 8, 2011

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Same here.

gaze or gawk? i'm guilty of both.LOL!!!

I do exactly the same thing,I was walking back from town once and there was is young lady about 20 yds in front and I could tell by the sun light that she was so I quickened up and settled to being about 15 ft behind her,quarter of a mile of watching those hose covered legs with the sun shinning on them....lovely

mmm what were you thinking to yourself during that quarter of a mile??

Mini-skirts were popular back when I was in high school -- early 1970's. I got so hot looking at nyloned legs all day! (And trying to look up the skirts).

The girls who wore only sheer pantyhose without no panties underneath were my favs.
(I even saw a very girls wearing panties ~over~ their ph --weird).

Of course, these sights gave me a nylon fetish that exists to this day.

So many women don't wear skirts or dresses anymore. We have a blonde MILF attorney in my office. I love when she goes to court -- dressed in her skirted business suit.

Once I said, "Ah -- someone is going to court today!"

She says, "Oh yeah, great! 12 hours in pantyhose!"

12 hours in pantyhose sounds like paradise to me.

happy memories, eh?

But that got me into wearing pantyhose and stockings.

I'd borrow my mom's stockings and garter-belt and while wearing them look at my legs in a mirror. I'd hike up a bathrobe for my mini-skirt.

I'd turn myself on looking by at my nyloned legs, and **********.

Happy memories indeed!

I admit it, I do that sort of thing too. If I think I see a woman in pantyhose, I'll do what I can to get a better look to confirm. While having lunch with a co-worker, I thought she might be wearing pantyhose. She had on jeans with pumps, but I couldn't tell for sure about the nylons. So...I dropped my napkin on the ground, and bent down to pick it up. Sure enough, nylons!! I feel just a little bit creepy doing something like that, but like collantgusset says, "pantyhose are my drug of choice" and I needed a fix.

love it, i've done the same thing.had all i could do not to touch!!

Finding stocking or pantyhose wearing woman is increasingly more difficult. As with most of the comments here when I see nylon-on-legs my agenda changes to savor the view. I am always looking for the tell-tale shine of the nylon. I accents the leg so nicely.

I think that I saw a sexy crossdresseer sunday if not a sexy female! she was wearing a nice dress,red hair or wig, suntanhose with 4inch heels with 3 staps around the ankle's. It made tis sissyboi's heart fluutter. Couldnt do to much wwith my wife by my side. Oh well,Maybe next time!!

mee too to all the comments ... I too love the nylons in any style... enough to wear them myself... cheers

That's so like me - especially if she's wearing a short skirt or tight short shorts.<br />
I see so many women wearing pantyhose all year round that I end up walking many miles extra as I go in whatever direction they're going even if it's the opposite direction; lost count of the number of u-turns I've done this year. Then there's the escalators - usually at least 8 steps behind is best but it's not a regular find.

lol! Nice to meet an expert!

I do the same, except that I hardly ever see women wearing anymore. I don't care how nice her legs are, pantyhose can only make them better!

winter will be here soon..