Young Mother's Short Floaty Skirt On A Windy Day

Today has been wild & very windy and I just knew I'd find at least one exhibitionist woman as they come out to play on days like this.
What I saw may well be my highlight of 2012 already - I had a similar 'vision' in September 2009.
...I was in a store when I noticed a very attractive young mother with pushchair - I hung around for a while checking to see if she was ready to leave but she definitely wasn't and then near the main doors she met friends but I did get an eyeful as she bent over a couple of times revealing half her tights clad bum. She was wearing a very short dark grey loose skirt that I knew would be straight up when she got outside; dark grey/navy thin opaques (with clear panty section visible) and looked gorgeous (approx mid 20's). She stayed in and I went out to wait nearby but after 20 minutes I gave up and carried on shopping. Half an hour later (and still the wind was blowing strongly) I looked up and there she was - coming towards me across a wide paved area. I turned & followed (she was walking very quickly with her head down and bum up!). IT WAS STUNNING!!!! - her skirt spent the whole 200 yards up around her waist - bum fully exposed with those soft tights and darker panties oh so clear underneath (at no point did she ever try to hold down her skirt but again I just knew she wouldn't as it really was deliberate) - I felt so aroused and so LUCKY! She disappeared into another store and I followed standing near to hear in the cosmetics aisle - she bent down a couple of times showing most of her arse and I waited again to follow her outside and tell her what a vision she was (this is normally well received) - but (oh no) she had disappeared after I'd thought she would be lingering for ages - how wrong I was so I didn't get my chance to speak to her or have yet another windy show of her panties & pantyhose. But that was a great sight and I'm still unbelievably turned on and will be for days/weeks/ maybe months!!
I have found that young mothers are often the most sexily dressed as though they want to prove that they're still capable of being sexy after childbirth.

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After reading of your success I will be out on the streets for the next windy day. Thanks.

I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. I was waiting at a bus stop and it was very windy, a young woman was walking along toward me when a gust of wind blew her skirt up around her waist revealing her very skimpy black lace knickers. It was the more remarkable because she didn't instinctively push her skirt down, after three or four seconds it fell back into place. She knew I had seen what happened and walked on by with a hint of a smile. How lovely, made my day, I thought about her knickers all afternoon.

This sounds very familiar of a certain type of woman - hope we both see plenty more.

Yes, I agree with you! They are sexier than girls

What a wonderful time that must have been. You were very lucky