My Neighbor The Nurse

Back when I was a teen ager my neighbor down the street from me was a nurse. She usually wore the old school nurse's dress with nude or suntan hose and her white nurse's shoes. Sometimes she would wear pants yet not very often. She had great legs and cute feet. I used to take care of her dog and when she got home from work she usually removed her shoes. One time she was not in her nurse's uniform. She was wearing black slacks, chunky brown heels and a brown silk blouse. She clicked and clacked on the tile floor and dipped and dangled her feet showing off her pantyhosed feet. She finally sat down and kicked off her right pump. She crossed her leg and rubbed her pantyhosed foot. She then removed her left shoe and did the same. She was not much of a heels woman. Once and a wheel she might wear some sling back pumps or some wedges. As sexy as her legs were she should have always worn heels. Now she wears crocs, flip flops and tennis shoes. WTF!
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Jan 20, 2013