I Cant Believe It!

40??  already??  time really does fly! I'll be 40 this november. I no longer feel like celebrating birthdays. I feel like turning 40 is starting a new chapter in life. My teenage kids say im old. Am I? I dont feel old. I dont look old. But I know those changes will come eventually and theres nothing i can do about it. I know I should be happy to see another birthday. some dont make it this far. So this november, ill try my best to be happy. Wish me luck!
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6 Responses Aug 4, 2010

Same here. Will be 40 in September. Don't feel like celebrating ANY holidays or milestones anymore. But I can say with totally honesty that I am glad for the added wisdom that comes with age. I also enjoy not caring what anyone thinks about what I am wearing or how I didn't take the time to "do" my hair. --Don't care. Ready to move on to the next thing I have to do. Take care and enjoy yourself!

Hi All I will be turning fourty as well in November. I am pleased that I am reaching this mile marker but much like yourself I am a tad uncomfortable with it. I think for me it is less about age and more about where I am in my life. You know the questions about whether my life has been successful thus far, and what is success. <br />
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I wish you all a Happy Birthday.

I will be 40 this November too! But, I am looking forward to it. I hated feeling scared and unsure all those years before, I have gained so much more knowledge about myself, and feel less afraid of it "out there' like I did before.

Wishing you lots of luck and hope you have a terrific birthday! I'm turning 40 in November too - wonder if we have the same birthday?

thanks so much for your support! I have mixed emotions on being 40. But youre right. Theres plenty of women well over 40 and they look wonderful. Age is after all,truly just a number!

You are not old. I turned 40 last year and I had the same feelings. Society tells us that we have reached the pinnacle and are on the decline after 40, it isn't true. I am 41, will be 42 in January. Look at all of the sexy, fabulous, beautiful women out there over 40! <br />
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So This November you will become one of us. Welcome to the club, I know you'll make us proud! *Hugs*