The Big Four O.

One of my closest friends (ballerina girl) is having her 40th next month. Once again - a debate is brimming amongst us. Should she splash out and have the biggest party ever? Or should she just have a quite one - forget that it's actually happening and just go somewhere on her own? 


It was once mentioned that a birthday which ends in zero always is a bad thing for the celebrant. I guess it is a bit of a milestone. But then again, it's also been said that the 40's is now the next 20's (or something of that sort). Sigh.. Women and aging just doesnt seem to go well together. 


Me? I'm voting for the big splash of course - what dya expect? heheheh.. Im sure my mojo wouldve recovered by then (fingers crossed).

pr1c3y pr1c3y
70+, F
Jul 25, 2011