How To Do It

Hi there

it happend on a cold winter knight, my friend came home sooner as i expected,
he had cold and it was freezing outside, than he told me he would do annything to get warm again.
The thing is this i looked at his pc and found lots of good stuff, that could turn him on.
so i said: go take a warm shower and come to the bed room, there are some nice cloth to ware!!
Do not look futher it's all on the bed!!!!
He called at me, but i said again, it's all on the bed.
after a few minutes he said, I'm ready, i think.
i went over and there he was all dressed up; bustrier, with garters on it a nice string and stockings, the high heels he didn't put on,
he could not stand on them, he told me ( butt not for long )
we went up stairs, and there it was al ready standing at it's place, a nice but hard kind of bed, i told him to lay down, made al of the bounds real tied, arms and legs, and now he said, the next thing was i strap on my real sise *****,and starded by stikking it in his mouth,
not to deep, and slowly.
than i blind folded him made the ***** nice and smooth and touck him in his.........., oh what was he in pain ( or plesure )
i gave him a nice blow job, and kissed him he swallowed everything he was so horney he didn't care than he liked my ***** until,
i came and liked it even longer than it was needed.

oh he had a real good time and he had warn again

derclown23 derclown23
May 18, 2012