I am 17 and I am a Fat and worthless person. At this point I say to not only myself but to my friends that I will never find a girl to ever express myself with and I just can't take it. The fact that I wake up ever day knowing that my life is going no where, I pray everyday that it could all just end but I know it won't. I hate myself in every way and even typing this,hurts so bad. I wish I could just end it, but I don't want to hurt my family and friends that believe in me when I don't even believe in myself or even have the courage to even talk to a girl cause I know they will just say no. but I know I can never satisfy anyone no, matter how much I try. I'm sorry to,anyone who reads my pathetic story. At this point I don't know,how much longer I can take of,knowing how worthless and pathetic I am.
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wow i've never read such negativity in one post. All you did there was call yourself names and put yourself down in the most horrible of ways. How do you expect to ever feel happy when you talk to yourself like that? the more you repeat these negative phrases to yourself the more they'll stick in your mind, the more you'll believe them and the more stuck you'll be.

I know this sounds silly but I dont think you have any idea just how much of an impact positive thinking and negative thinking can have on someones psychology. If you wake up every day saying you hate yourself - you will. Alternatively if you wake up every day saying the opposite, even though you wont believe it at first, then eventually it will start to change things about you. IF the first thing u did when u woke up was pick one thing, just one thing u actually liked about yourself. No matter what that is. Your laugh? Your eyelashes? The colour of your eyes? Your hair. Your kindness, generosity, humour. I mean just one thing and focus on that and the fact that that is one of your good points. that is something you like.

Do this every day and just faking positivity has even been proven to eventually have a positive impact on people who are down and depressed. Wake up, put on a fake smile, tell yourself today will be a good day, today you are happy. Just fake it till you make it because this is a proven method. Things will start looking up eventually.

Get yourself on track. Do the things which make u happy. Your not happy with your weight? Diet. Seek help if u need it. Do things to take back control of your life otherwise ur literally just ******* all over it. Be a little bit more grateful. Start realising and focusing on whats good. Wake up and grab control of yourself and your happiness. This self pity attitude you have never got anyone anywhere.

You can do this, as long as you put in the effort needed. so get on and do it. Never allow yourself to be defeated. Life is one constant battle. You can't crumble at every hurdle. You gotta be tough. R u ready to be tough? I sure hope so because THAT is whats cool, that is whats admirable and that will gain you respect. No one likes to be around a depressive. Start being the person u deserve to be.

Sorry I just went on a major rant. I hope some of it helped.

Wishing u the best of luck and strength! Get your life back!