I have a sister about 2 years younger than me and she is always getting the good comments. Whether it be her grades, her weight, her face, just about everything that I wish I had. It really hurts when she tells me that I'm so stupid and ugly and I have nothing to say back to her. I always breakout in tears thinking about all those hurtful words that she said. I always avoid getting into arguments with her because she will always win. There's really nothing bad to say about her, besides being conceited and mean to me. We were always getting compared to growing up and I don't like the way people say out loud that my sister is so pretty. All they said about me was that I was tall. Ha. I think that's the best they could come up with. Of course I was taller! I was the older sister! Well my height was soon overpassed by her soon enough. I am the most jealous when she got into a better school than me. The best high school in New York! She got a MacBook Air as a prize. I kept thinking to myself, what did I get? I mean after all I got into the third place high school, but I guess I wasn't smart enough to get one. When she got her Mac, I didn't say anything. I cried in my room when everyone was sleeping.
roxangelz roxangelz
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014