I Really, Really Wish I Could...

I don't know, maybe I have adult ADD, or maybe I'm just lazy, but I feel that my lack of any appreciable skill or talent in my life stems from my seeming inability to really focus on one thing or task for very long before I become bored of it. Whether it was studying in school, exercising, reading or ANY kind of hobby or extracurricular activity, nothing seems to "hold" me long enough for me to get better at it or for it to become part of my routine. People who are successful at something work and work at it all the time and never seem to grow tired of it. There is nothing in my life right now that has that kind of hold on me. It's always fleeting, usually for only a few days, then it's back to my normal "grind". I wish I knew what I could do to switch my motivation on and be able to focus on SOMETHING, ANYTHING.

Tuva Tuva
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

This usually happens to people who are good at everything, but not the best at anything, I, it's amazing how much i can relate to people on here, am like this, except sports, I am not very coordinated, I am good at running though, like, fast. ANYWAY, that might be your problem. I went through this, and picked up drawing, which i am good at, you just need to find something that fits you. As for all this depression talk, what is up with people in this generation?! yes people do have depression, but you nowadays, you can't label something, so you lebel what it might be, you use up so much names that the real thing no longer has any meaning! Mybe you're just extra bright and get bored easily! Sorry for ranting but i am very opinionated, and this irks me to no end.

Well, I've always felt that my depression, while not severe, certainly might be a factor in my feelings of mental confusion and lack of focus. I WISH I could find something that caught my attention long enough, but it seems that I search and search and still nothing. It gets very time-consuming and draining to keep trying to find "something" to hang my hat on, and I feel that I'm just spinning my wheels for nothing if nothing is going to come of it in the end. At what point do you cut your losses and decide that maybe nothing is for you? Not sure right now. As for the intelligence thing, I know I'm not blessed with a high IQ, or even an above average one, so I don't think it would be that in my case.

Giley here, sometimes depression is part of the problem I have depression, and also have trouble on trying to focus on things. Also, keep in mind, that there are different kinds of depression. One size does not fit all in this case. I have also found, that sometimes you really have not found the things that really interest you. Some thngs sound like a good idea today, and than in a few days, they just don't seem to work. Just like a child with a new toy, the first few days are fine, and than you seem to get board of them, until you find a toy that you really find interest in. My personal problem, besides the depression, is that I have a high IQ that gets in the way of seeing and doing things that the average person find them ok to do. It seems hard at times to find all of the pieces of the puzzle, but somwhere and somehow, the pieces are out there, you just have to work with the puzzle until everything fits.