Life Catching Up To Me

I am 37 years old and the loss of a child is hitting me full strength now. There is no way i can have children and it is not a medical issue. You see I been with a woman for 14 years and I can afford the treatments doctors or all of the things to get me with child. i am gay so I am not allowed to adopt. Since you know only gay people make gay kids. Wow my mother and father are going to be so surprised that they are really gay. Ok only option is to find a man that would be willing to give me his *****. Not nearly as easy as I thought 2 years ago. So one last option is to just go out to a bar and pick up a guy. I can do that but then I have no idea how this person lifestyle is like. What does he put in his body? drugs? 1 box of toaster strudels a meal? Like all women I want a healthy child.

any ideas would be very welcome at this point. I am very depressed all the time. I cry when other people show me baby pictures.
AH143 AH143
Sep 13, 2012