I Am Unappreciated!

 I bet if I died tomorrow, the only people who would miss me are the ones that want something from me.  That's how it is.  I do enjoy giving, though it would be nice to receive as well.  I know that if I want to feel true appreciation, I should just give it to myself & not expect others to reciprocate. I know, but this isn't always enough.  I do that everyday.

It's true I did receive verbal thanks for a few of the gifts I shared with others, so I guess it's NOT ALL BAD. Though I just need more. Maybe I'm asking for too much. I don't need flowers, candy or even a card, what I really would like is the gift of someone else's time & possibly part of their heart/caring/understanding. 

If I didn't give to others today, I wouldn't have gotten anything. So I KNOW I have to give to many to receive from one or two. I was surrounded by other people today, all day long.  The best Valentine I received was a compliment on the earrings I wore from a service worker inside a store :o) That made me feel so good, I carried it with me for the entire day. Plus I'll probably always think of it when I wear those earrings in the future. Thank you Ms. Service Worker!!!

What bothers me is that I don't get the same appreciation from my family & friends.  They take, take, take & give very little or at all.  I almost never want to get close to someone, 'cause then they'll take advantage of my generosity too.

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19 Responses Feb 15, 2009

i can definitely relate! what really gets me is how forgetful those that i do so much for can be. when that happens i don't hesitate to run down the list of just what i do for them and how much although i would think that it wouldn't be necessary.

Exactly jerrica. Selective memory. Its as if they take advantage of our thoughtfulness. How lucky are they to be appreciated & obviously undeserving of it.

Thank you fungirlmmm, snowbunny1002 & sunnibliss for your support. {{{HUGS}}}

i understand...<br />
<br />
joining group now :/

I understand this feeling 4vrunique :) <br />
<br />
Sending warm thoughts your way ~

I know this feeling all too well. **hugs**

Thank you HeartofHearts.

(HeartofHearts was here. you're in my thoughts)

Awww, thank you destiney24. That's exactly what I need. <br />
<br />
You're right, some people just take too much and don't know where to stop. They take too much and its overwhelming, painful and in the end lonely.

Now you're spoiling me Fogarty :D

As are you.

Oh, thank you Fogarty, you're so sweet. :~)

Just to second what everyone else has said, you ARE appreciated here.

Wow, blushark your comment is like poetry, beautiful, thank you!!!

thank you cheesecowboy, you're so sweet, I do feel appreciated from you :~)

you are welcome...you are loved and you are appreciated...

thank you for your comments cheesecowboy, classyclaws and EddyOakland.

Wow, that first sentence... that's sucks. That really really sucks dude.<br />
I hope things get better for you.<br />
All of us here at EP do, at least.

I appreciate your story and the fact that I am not alone in experiences like that. Thanks for showing me that I too, even though I get taken advantage of, upon realizing it...can say NO.

You are appreciated here...thank you for your story. PaL