First Time

I remember starting when I was about 8. I'm uncut and i remember my Dr at the time explaining to me that it was extremely important for me to wash really well under my foreskin. I went home that night and took a shower. I remember pulling my foreskin back which was really uncomfortable at the time because it was still pretty tight around the head of my penis. After I had gotten the skin back I grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up my penis. I then began washing first with my fingers around and under the tip slowly realizing how good it felt. I then began washing in a stroking fashion which felt really good and began getting hard. I didn't finish in the shower but after I had gone to bed that night I started to slide my foreskin back and forth over the head of my penis. As I began getting hard I started stroking. I soon after shot my *** all over myself and my sheets. From then on I have jerked off religiously.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

That's so cute

Thanks my friend, that was quite a post. I'm uncircumcised myself and identify very much with your experience. It is an amazing feeling sliding your foreskin back and forth over the head of your penis until you finally explode in an amazing ******. I hope you still enjoy it as much. XX David.