I'm A Turtleneck

I'm uncut and used to be very embarrassed by it while growing up.  My foreskin could roll back and stay so I'd look circumcised, that is the only way I made it through high school.  Now I'm comfortable with being uncut, it seems like more people are not having their sons circumcised.  I've enev starting going to a few nude beaches and showing off my natural state.

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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

It was not until I was well out of my teens that I started to feel truly comfortable about my foreskin. I never realised at the time that sometimes the reason many cut guys stare, or perhaps take a second look, is that they are curious about what it may be like to have a foreskin. Some are envious. There's no reason to be self-conscious. It's good to read that you are proud, marcymarc!

I'm 17 and am coming out of the self-conscious phase and have come to know that many of my friends in school are uncircumcised as well. They are very proud of their foreskins, so why shouldn't we all be? :)

I think we all feel very self-conscious when we are growing up and want to be just like the other boys. I grew up in Australia at a time when RIC was the norm and was one of the very few boys who was uncut. I never experienced teasing about my intact status but nevertheless often considered getting circumcised to look like the other boys. I have a long foreskin and it would never stay back! Now that I'm in my 50s I'm glad I never got circumcised and realise that the foreskin is there for a purpose.