The Blue Pill Or the Red Pill

 I have always felt like I don't belong in it. I spent 16 years trying to make it fit how small I really feel.  I just wish i felt like i was one with myself like so many people i know seem to feel. I guess seem being the key word.

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focusing on being healthy rather than thin has helped me a lot. I still struggle with that aspect but it does help... I need a push in the right direction a lot of the time though...

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When you wrote " how small I really feel. ", it hit me. I feel the same way. I've always been overweight & felt that it draws unwanted & negative attention towards me. I wanted to be invisible, & be as small as I really feel, as you said. But, I'm trying to change that, by aiming to be healthier rather than slimmer. Its really difficult, but I'm at least trying to focus my attention on something positive. the worst that can happen is that I'll continue gaining weight, which has been happenning all my life anyway.

I hear what you are saying, skinny. I felt that way myself when I was younger. But once I looked into myself, saw my good and my bad, changed what I could, and accepted me for who I am, and learned to love ME, things changed.

And none of that makes sense, if you don't like how you feel. If you feel like you don't belong. SV doesn't know how to feel like the skin fits. I guess you don't understand, being that you are the kind of person talked about with the ones that are one with themself. <br />
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SV- I think that you should try to not focus on fitting the skin. Focus on something outside yourself. You may not feel so bad then.

Once you start liking yourself, you will realize that your skin fits you just fine. Go within yourself and start finding all the good things that you are, the good things that you feel, the things that you know are right. Write them down. Then look in the mirror and grin. All the important parts of a person are inside the shell they were born in.