OUCH - Makes Me Extremely Uncomfy

When you flatter me at all ... I am secretely thinking, 'Yeah, right.  What do YOU want from ME?''

I'm learning that sometimes, people truly do give you compliments. And I am learning to say thank you.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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8 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I have always tried to give out a compliment to someone if I like what they have done or how they look.<br />
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Here is my story and it simply asks WHY?<br />
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Mizz you are a great woman and I have told you so in the past. ;)

That is really great on many levels. <br />
Great - that you would admit it, and great that you are faithful. <br />
I am sure why wife is really happy :) <br />
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Now - I compliment all the time - and I have to say: It's never to get someone into bed. I need to hone up on these skills .... :) LOL

That is great that you can do that! I think more married men need to act like you.

I find that as a married and unavailable man, it is much easier to give women compliments. I'll tell them all sorts of things about how nice they look, smell, walk, talk, etc. <br />
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It also helps that I tell stupid people how stupid I think they are. That gets me in trouble sometimes (especially in the workplace!) but it lets others know that my compliments are 100% genuine.

I know that feeling, and for all the times I have to look guys in the eye to try to refocus their eye contact and say 'My eyes are NOT in my chest!' ... Yeah. funny.

I am the exact same way! If someone tells me I am pretty..I assume it's because they want to get naked :P If my husband compliments me at all..I think..well he is my husband..he is supposed to feel that way. If girls say something nice..I think they must be being sarcastic. I just have never taken flattery or compliments well for some reason. I just see them..as things people say to be nice..or to get something from you.


i compliment alot hope its been ok!