American - and Uncut!

I am an American male - and uncut. This was because my father was a European immigrant and the other side of the family also had close ties to Europe. So they were against the idea of having it done to their baby boy. And you know what: I love them greatly for that!

Unfortunately, I know that it is common in this society. In fact, there are so many myths and misconceptions surrounding circumcision. Hollywood and popular culture in general continue to perpetuate the myth that circumcision is more "hygienic" and to look down upon the uncircumcised as somehow "gross". But we intact men can attest that it is simple cleaning and there are certainly no other impediments.

The truth is, that this practice was begun here due to ignorance about sex: it was believed that it prevented ************ and curbed sexual thoughts. Even while information in this regard has progressed greatly, circumcision is still common - albeit justified with a whole new shopping list of assertions. But it has been gradually decreasing in this society as many people become better informed.

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Since over half of US soldiers are circumcised, enemy Arab soldiers are unable to instantly determine whether a captured American is of the Jewish faith, therefore unable to single him out for mistreatment immediately. There, I think I've found a useful function of circumcision.

You are very lucky to not have had your foreskin amputated when you were a baby like I was. All though I am a man with a penis the foreskin is (which should have been a part of my penis) is a total mystery to me. What does t feel like to pull back the foreskin? What does ****** feel like under your foreskin. Is it true that the foreskin has a lot of eroyic nerves? Why do men keep the foreskin covering the head? I have little awareness of my glans when wearing cloths. What does sex with a foreskin feel like?

I agree with you completely I am also american & uncut & proud of having allof my penis intact!!<br />
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Circumcicion is genital mutilation