The Logo For This Group Is Mistaken.

I would like to comment on the logo for this group. At least it does not fan the flames of the size fetishes running amok in today's pop culture. It is indeed the case that a completely flaccid penis is often barely longer than the scrotum.

The logo depicts a prepubescent foreskin, so much so that the pubic hair jars. Half or more of adult men do not have the pointed foreskins they were born with. It is very common for adult men to have an exposed meatus. The only time I look like the logo is when I emerge from a pool. Another prepubescent feature is that the outline of glans cannot be seen. This is why some boys are very surprised by what they discover when they retract for the first time. Once a boy finishes puberty, he can see the outline of the flange on his bellend under the skin.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Some people have long foreskins. It doesn't mean they're prepubescent. HA!