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Can't Be Done

I am undateable, seriously - I am undateable. You don't see me, you can't want me because there's a guy with a full compliment of muscles, tattoos, a motorcycle with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth standing behind me grabbing your attention. You know he is going to shag you just the way you want it but you also know he will hurt you: lie, cheat steal, beat you into the middle of next week to the point where makeup won't cover the bruises. Or maybe you are looking at the nerd over my left shoulder, the one with the glasses and the Bill Gates look who will give you your dreams but will then get so lost in drug use - he won't notice you or his kids. The confident man in the suit? He's a corporate hitman and brings home the money but the catch is  he drinks, ALOT. To the point where he's sloppy, he's drooling and/or hitting on your friends and not noticing you glaring at him. Yes I am undateable because while I have faults, I am open and upfront about them. While I may argue, I will always apologize save for the third strike which will give me a pause for consideration. I'm undateable because I am an anomaly and everyone in this world is supposed to be the same: dress the same, behave the same and if you don't - our job is to breed you out of existence or use alternate methods to ensure your DNA doesn't pollute the gene pool.
RoaringFlameLostinShadow RoaringFlameLostinShadow 31-35, M 7 Responses Jul 8, 2011

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Very frustrating...yes!

Yeah, i get exactly how you feel.... i am ALWAYS the friend never the 'girlfriend', one day someone will see me for me and it will change... thank you for sharing and putting into words how i feel...

It is decidedly frustrating isn't it?

I am te same way too, several friends who are guys, yet I am not pretty enough or funny enough or something for them to notice me.

:( Sorry... I do know how you feel. I watch my beautiful younger friends going through their cycle of relationships and wonder if that's how it's like for them then what the hell is it going to be like for me. I come with a 13 year bad marriage, kids(baggage some will say), and stretch marks and wonder who will ever love me for that. :) People always say that I'm beautiful but not in the sense of long legs, tall, and a rack to back it up. That's why I made the group called I'm the Last Cookie in the Jar... because I really am. But I don't mind honestly. It just takes some to realize what is the real thing. :) <br />
And to add... no one has to look and act the same. Anyone who tells me that, if you have read my stories I think you will get a good idea exactly what my mouth or finger has to say about that. >:/

I say the same - the problem is eventually it started to backfire particularly on here so I changed accounts.

The only kind of woman I want is someone who has Aspergers (A rare form of Autism) because I have it too. I also have A.d.d/hd and if she only had that, then she would be close enough to me.

I have Aspergers myself.

I am too, the issue is being myself as an extrovert.

I'm an introvert, I keep a low profile and I've never dated once in my life.

I never got 'dating' in the practical sense of the word.

Yeah I am definitely an extrovert.

Glad to know I am not alone. It gets brutally hard sometimes especially if you are a people addict like myself.

AHAHAH! Wow, I feel like you just wrote this for me.<br />
<br />
Except it's the blonde with the big breast and and tiny waist, long legs behind me on one side, who will giggle at everything you say and be really easy.<br />
<br />
Then there's the other woman, the marriagable one, who knows how to cook, clean, will say yes sir when asked a question and give you babies. Lots and lots of babies. lol<br />
<br />
I know how you feel lol