Making Decisions Is Hard

i just found out im pregnant and i dont think neither me nor my boyfriend are ready to have a kid although i dont want to abort it I feel that i have the need to but i know im gonna regret it. me and my boyfriend fight alot and i think his the guy i want to spend the rest of my life with and i know that when my mom finds out shes going to be really disppointed in me and is gonna kick me out of the house which brings me another problem because my boyfriend doesnt work only i but still thats not enoug money to support a baby can somebody help me
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3 Responses Jul 1, 2011

Adoption is not always the best option I was adopted and then put back into care we all no where that leads to abuse and hurt and its up to the girl it's her body and still young and with adopting you could be wondering what he/she doing is it being cared for you'd think alot I don't think you'd be happy to carry it for 9months than just hand it over I've recently had a termination and its hard I'm sure your mum won't be disappointed do what you feels right talk with mum or someone close you know you can trust would mum help you to bring baby up I'm sure shed be happy make sure you have the right descion because there is no turning back you sound like your already regretting it so from what I'm reading sounds like you want to have the baby and you fight alot with your boyfriend DOSENT sound like a good starting point to have box by if your stay with him good luck in your descion don't let anyone else make that descion for you it's has to be from you and you are still young too hope all goes well whatever your descion best wishes for the future

You will regret having an abortion. There are many loving caring couples that are unable to have kids due to medical reasons that would love to have your baby and give it a good home and life.

please consider adoption. My wife and I can't have children but want one desperately. I know there are many others like us who would give you precious baby a wonderful life