The Resonsible Friend (10/31/11 My 16th Birthday)

OK so my Halloween was crazy. For starters it was my birthday. I woke up having to clean up the house because of trick or treats. Then i had to go to church to help with the feasible. At church theres this boy who likes me, but he doesn't seem to realize that i don't like him back. Not that I'm not his friend, iam, but the biggest thing we are, are friends and thats all we will be. But he just dosent seem to get it. Aww well. So I hung with my friend Jay at our both. He was so good with the kids, always inserting them to knock down the pins.. one of the thing i love so much about him. Then that boy had to come and rewen it. he was like 'come hang out with me and my friends' his friends are *** holes and have complete opposite personalities then me and Jay and Luna. We have our little gang of skater kids and they have theres. Anyway getting back to my story. After the fest able me and my sister went shopping for our costume, well i got a party outfit. We got home at 7 and my party didn't start tell 8:30. So me and Luna went trick or treating with her little brother, my sister went with my bothers. At 8:10 me and Luna went over to get Jay and then we went to meet my other friend Danna and her friends who we're going to take us to the party. When we got to the party it was full of high school and college kids who we're drunk and high out of their minds. Luna and Jay and Danna and her friends went inside while i stayed by the car, not wanting to take my chances in there. OK so about 20 minutes later I hear something going on in the backyard so i look over the fence and a bunch of the jocks are about to throw Jay (who is druck as hell) into the pool. So I jump over the fence and run up to the jock thats holding Jay in the air and punch him strate in the nose. I garbed his arm and we ran down the block. We got to Luna's house and called her cell to tell her we where headed over to Jays. As soon as we got over to his house i started a pot of coffee, making him drink every drop of it. At 10:30 i went back to my house to tell my mom everything was fine. As soon as everyone was asleep i went back over to Jays and made him drink more coffee.. i was thee tell 4am. So yes I was the Responsible fiend................. 
jeanmarie1120 jeanmarie1120
18-21, F
May 16, 2012