Pressure Is A Privilege?

Some people say pressure is a privilege. I think it’s a point in time character measurement at best. We can each do our best when the sky is blue and the sun is bright. It’s when the storm clouds roll in and the rain starts falling that we show people more of who we are.

It’s hard for me to remember the simple things when the rain is falling. I have a practice I use to deal with this. I clarify beliefs I hold to be absolutely true when the sun is shining, and I capture these as my personal truths. Later, when I’m cold and wet, I can refer back to what I knew beyond a doubt was true during the sunshine, and remind myself that pressure warps perception in ways that we can’t always cope with during. I do not make decisions on those principles (even if I’m wrought with doubt) and if I must then I consult someone who still has an ounce of judgment left. It doesn’t always work, because the “privilege” of pressure can surface emotions you didn’t know you had, which can trump everything else.

Are we less free when that happens… or more?
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6 Responses Jul 21, 2010

I love some of these definitions. To me it is being a Becoming Woman. I was me, then another decided that I should be somone else. For a while I followed and allowed. Then I was re-born into myself, and I planted my feet down into the earth and said "NO!" Now I am discovering, exploring, creating and renewing the one I was created to be. It is exhilirating! X@

Oh...give me time...just warming up. :-)

I say less free. Any want is suffering.

The concept of freedom is such a subjective thing, but for me freedom comes in little perfect moments... when I wake up on a cold morning and realise I can stay in bed a few moments longer, a cuddle with my doggies late at night when they become uncharacteristically peaceful, a perfect bite of chocolate. I guess my own version of freedom revolves around those elusive moments of perfect peace that sometimes breaks the ordinariness of our lives. Strangely enough, it's the ordinariness of those lives that makes us appreciate the peace so much more!

No, it's never perfect one can just do the best they can and use what they know and who they are to pull themselves back.

I believe the freedom comes afterwords, after we have persevered and come out the other side. Knowing that no matter what life throws at us we held true to who we are and what we believe.