Just To Say....

I wont be this way forever.
It took alot of strength and effort to lose weight.
Why did I do this to my body? I cannot remember.
Anorexia is cruel.
Bulimia is even worse.
It takes even more effort to recover.
BUT recovery IS worth it.
I will be alive again. One day....

I am 5 foot 5. Currently I weigh 99lbs.
In January (4 months ago) I weighed 87lbs. I waterloaded for this. This was not my lowest but what I weighed when measured in hospital. I had a morbid fear of the scales.
So I have all ready come a long way
My target is 112-115lbs or 51kg.

I cant eat very much. It hurts physically and mentally. My digestive system is broken.
I have to drink special high calorie drinks daily.
I cannot wait to enjoy food again. I want to be carefree.....

To anybody out there who has ever been touched by an eating disorder......... stay strong. There IS hope!
To anybody who wants to lose weight.... only do it if you need to for your health. Do not do it otherwise.

Thank you for reading xxxx
Ruby1087 Ruby1087
1 Response May 12, 2012

How did your recovery go by now? (: Are you still recovering?