Freshmen 15

So I started college this fall and all i can hear about from my family is that i'm going to gain the freshmen 15. in high school i ran cross country and track. i was a very good runner. i also did marching band (and for those of you who don't know, marching band is a big physical activity. 105lbs my senior year was my lowest and my highest was 115 my sophomore year. in college i am doing marching band and stopped running (for now). right now i weigh 95lbs i haven't weighed that since i was in middle school. this is scary for me. i want to be at a healthy weight but i just keep losing it. i want to weigh about 110lbs at least. i do not really want to be big and fat. i like my my body but i wish i do not have to see my ribs when i take off my shirt.
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I'd advise eating more, to start with (you can keep it healthy, just plenty of calories) and some strength building exercises so it goes to build muscle. Keep in mind, though, I'm only a fellow college student myself, so I really don't know my stuff. And I'm male; it could be different for ladies, although I doubt it.