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Unemployable College Graduate

I am unemployable. I graduated with a degree in communications but couldn't find a suitable job in that field so I went off to work as a claims processor. I was fired after two weeks. Next I worked as a person Friday for six months and was forced to quit so I wouldn't get fired. After that I got a job in a one-person office and after seven days I was fired. I got a job as a secretary-receptionist and after three weeks I became aware they were hiring for my replacement so I walked out of that office. I moved to another state. Then I went to a jewelry store and became and invoice clerk. That job lasted six weeks. next I went to a Jewish Temple and after two weeks was told it was not working out. Then I worked the temp services for from 1978 to 1981. I moved to a another state and did temp work for three months and then had a permanent job for two months and was let go so I did temp work another six weeks and then moved back to my former state. I continued doing temp work from 1981 to 1984. I worked a gig at the company who originally fired me. This time they hired me and I stayed for five years. I had problems making the production requirements and volunteered for layoff. Then I did temp work for six months and got a job as a word processor at a architecture firm and after six weeks got fired and went back and did temp work for nine months and got a job in an office for 11 years. That company was bought out by another company and after three years I was "laid off." I moved back to the first state where I had been a claims processor and worked a year as a temp in a temp to hire place and finally got hired. I am a data entry clerk. I don't do a good job. I don't know how long I can keep that job. I don't feel extremely comfortable there right now. The person sitting next to me got fired for seemingly no reason.

I have a degree in communications. I used it once moonlighting as a DJ. I had hoped to work into management but I can't stay anywhere long enought to do that. I went back to school and became a word processing operator because I was told they were in demand but now word processing operators are not hired anymore. I have approximately two years of college beyond my BA degree where I studied construction drafting, medical transcription and computers. Still I do not have skill that are needed today. I am not a good worker. I am on time and I have excellent attendance. I am not a fast worker and I am not accurate, especially when trying to meet production requirements. I work very hard. I am an extreme right brained person trying to make it in a left brain world. I am not detail-oriented which most jobs require. I am a big-picture person. It takes me time to break down the big picture. The employment tests I've taken suggest careers as a writer, artist, dancer, singer, actress--stuff like that which is not practical. I'm also in my 50s. I don't want to go back to school because I don't want to be paying loans from my social security. I am saving and trying to hang on until I'm 62. I don't know if anyone would want me working until I'm 65 or 70.

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If6were9, Find (or create) a thematic center to your resume. In other words, figure out what things were common to all the jobs and then keep stating it, "a problem solver," "a creative person," "a flexible assistant," "worked well with people" etc. Write on your resume how all of these jobs tied in to your main abilities or personality traits. And then talk about that at the job interview, ("and then I worked for___________and became a 'problem solver' for him although the problems were very different...")

****, me too. A communications degree and though I did intern at a radio station and worked at MTV networks for 2.5 years, nothing more. However, I had to keep working to pay my bills. I am now 40 and my job history is all over the place. I have been out of work for three years and my wife is growing impatient with me. It is not that I don't want to work. I have been jobless for three years because I was a stay at home dad for a year, then I had two shoulder surgeries in one year, and then I went back to school for a program that did not work out. I do not even know what I am interested in anymore. Actually, that is a lie. I have so many wild ideas in my head for a film, tv shorts, etc. But I have a family and unless someone "discovers" me by accident, not happening. I need a practical job so I can contribute along with my wife. But again, I don't know what to do, or how to put together a new resume that would be littered with all kinds of jobs.

Hi. I so feel for you. I am going through the same thing. I am a complete right brainer in a left brain world. I have trouble focusing, remembering, etc. I have no business sense at all. God knows I've tried all my life. I write, I read, I'm into art..nothing practical. I have no solutions for you. Just wanted you to know that there are others out there like you. Too bad we don't have a support group. Good luck.