Looking For Work And Really Stressed Out!

I lost my job, involuntarily, on Monday this week.

I'm in California.

This first thing I did was apply for unemployment and I nervous that when I hear back from them in 10 days they will not approve my claim.

I've been to two temp agencies so far and will be going to one tomorrow as well. I actually got a call from one that I went to earlier this week about an opening. They are sending my resume over, I really hope to get an interview.

This really sucks!

If anyone has any words of wisdom or knows of any jobs in California, my expertise is in Customer Service and Inside Sales, I would certainly appreciate it.
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3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I think you'll get it. Stay positive :)

How are you doing now? I lost my job in sep and have been trying to cope as well

I'm still looking for work. I had a job interview on Wednesday this week and my phone interview with unemployment not Thursday, crossing my fingers that I qualify for unemployment compensation. The job interview came after sending my resume out to, oh at least 35 companies. The only thing that's keeping me going right now is church. It's my routine--sort of--I go every day and speak to a sister once a week. Just hoping that things get better soon.

Yeah the hardest thing for me has been loosing all the relationships I had at work. Im kinda glad though because they lay off every couple of years and just recently they laid off a lot and rehired them as temps. There just greedy now and are using the economy to there advantage. I would recommend a calling agency because you get to deal with customers still. Well I wish you the best holiday and hope to hear from u later!

Can someone please post something...anything? This is a really rough time for me and it would help greatly to read something supportive.