My Sad Story

I understand how all of you are feeling, I am 28yrs old and have worked all of my adult life to only to lose it all. I lost my job in Dec 09 a few day after I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. My unemployment benefits ran out in May 2010 and my husbands benefits ran out in June. We was evicted from our home and had to move in with my mother.Most of our belongings we had to sell just to have money for food and help my mother pay some of the bills. We constantly have bill collectors calling for us, and they are so ruthless they do not care that we have falling on hard times. Three days ago my husband finally landed a job that was a  hour drive from our house, we sold the last of our furniture to put gas in the car so he could go to work.  We was so happy until a repo truck came to our house today and took our car. All I could do was stand on the front porch and cry as I watched our car being taken away. It was our only transportation and I know he will loose his new job for sure. Our baby will be here next month and we have no way to support it. Even thought I know that the emergency unemployment benefits will be given out soon it offers little comfort to all of us who lost everything.

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I am so sorry about your situation. I honestly can't imagine going through all of that.<br />
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If it helps I have a homebased business that I'd like to tell you about. Just email me and I'll give you all the information.<br />
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My best to you and your family!