Unemployed And Overqualified !!

I believe there is a reason for everything and I'm trying to maintain hope.

Up till December of 2008 I have had only two jobs in my 25 year career. I was able to work my way up through the ranks and make a nice 6 figure income through hard work and without a degree. However thanks to the economy, my position was eliminated in late 2008. I worked at this small company for 15 years and developed a career that i thought i would never do and many would dream of. This was a wonderful opportunity but it all came crashing down.

I was lucky enough to find a job within a month making a higher salary as a National Sales manager, this was my ultimate goal. Again, after only 9 months the company decided to eliminate the position when the economy continued to turn for the worst. I was once again put in a precarious situation but confident with my experience and background would find an employer who would jump at my talents. This was not the case, i sent out countless resumes` which i had professionally updated. I had two interviews and finally a job offer with a sub-par company making a quarter of my salary. Their intention was to use me based on my experience and background and develop a new category. Don't get me wrong, i was grateful for the opportunity and welcomed the challenges regardless of its salary. 5 months into the job, i realized they were ill equipped for the duties hired to develop, although i offered many profitable options they just weren't ready. Ultimately they too realized the investments involved and decided to discontinued the position. I was told i was over qualified...are you kidding me!

Now I'm back trying to get unemployment benefits and wondering how I'm going to pay bills and provide food for my family. I'm so depressed that my years of hard work and experience is useless. I have a large network of professionals i stay in touch with, but some of those are also unemployed. At this point, i just want to be happy! If i could find anything that brings me pleasure ill take it as long as it supplies an income.

I feel so hopeless not being able to provide for my family but i know I'm not alone.
drewtexas drewtexas
41-45, M
Jul 27, 2010