I Am Sad/scared/depressed/unemployed

i Never Ever thought I would be let go. I have never had that happen in my life and I am 53 y.o. I have worked my entire adult life and have NEVER had a problem getting a job. Now I have lost my job and am not even getting responses to my resume being sent out. I am scared. I am also angry at my previous employer like you wouldn't believe. This is a scary position to be in. And I'm having a hard time trying to keep morale up. If anyone can relate I would love to hear from you.
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I hear you. I just turned 55 and in the same boat. Just wake up every morning and punch life in the face! Im a personal trainer and workout fanatic thank goodness. Keeps my endorphins high.! goodluck. Its gonna get better! Tough times don't last...tough people do

I am 65 years old was working at a job I loved put my heart and soul into. The company was purchased by a new owners - I believe the reason I was terminated was because of my age because I was the only one that knew the entire job and trained new employees up to the last day I worked - I am angry - sad - put in for unemployment which is fine but I miss all my fellow employees that were friends and the job in general. It wouldn't have been so bad but in the end my supervisor was so mean for no apparent reason. When I went in to get my final check her reason for terminating me was "no reason whatsoever". How do I pick up the pieces? I am bored - depressed - lonely??? any suggestions??

I can completely understand what you must be going through...I find myself in a similar situation...a few years ago when I was in my early twenties I gave up a highly paying job to go and study for a Master's degree...and since then I don't think I have recovered to my past heights. Today, I am nearly 30 and there is hardly a day that passes without me thinking what if I had not given up my job...I would have been sitting pretty and would have probably even bought a house...I try desperately not to fret about the past or worry about the future but I guess, it's human nature - so do wonder about such stuff. It is a very difficult phase but we have no choice but to stick it out.

Hi Beyondrepair,
Have you found a job yet?

hello my name is Ryan Barry and I live in Sparks Nevada I wanted to just send out a response to let you know that I can somewhat relate, I have a job that is not going anywhere for me and I basically am looking for a reliable job that I maybe find be able to lift happiness, and it is a pretty good company too, marshalls. I am on minimum and don't like it at all. I am still pretty young but I am really sorry that this is happening. I hope help comes soon.

Ryan Francis Barry

I am feeling the same way. The anger, the sadness and confusion. I have never been let go. I was always taught to work hard and you will always be okay. This wasn't the case. Now, my confidence has taken a bit of a beating and I keep going over in my head "what can I do differently?". It is hard when I wasn't given a reason in the first place. I find myself just tired all the time, loss of appetite and general enjoyment. I try to stay positive..one door closes and another one opens, but so far I haven't seen other doors. I just keep plugging away and hope something will come up.

You can help yourself and leverage your work experience and skills to get an income rolling in. There is a helpful ebook (both on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle). It is called 55 and Scared Sh*tless. It tells you how to job chunk using your experience. On Smashwords it is available as a PDF if you do not have a kindle reader. Just add Smashwords to the title when you google it. Don`t give up hope. If you take advantage of new paradigms in the job world you can turn it around. With the economy the way it is, there is a whole new way to leverage your knowledge and experience and make money without a full time job. The job-chunking paradigm is what saved the author in a big way. Never give up hope. Colonel Sanders was 65 and started KFC with his first old age check.

I know what you mean, I was let go because of a argument that I got into with another co-worker. I was basically, thrown out the door with nothing, no unemployment because they make you wait 6-8 weeks if there is a issue pending. My wife is a nervous wreck, and she has M.S. I have health issues and I do not have money to buy my meds. I have to tell myself that there is always somebody out there worse off than me. Believe me, there is.

I was terminated from my employer after 12 years of being a manager. I have never had a lapse in my employment either and i am 35. It has taken a tole on me but dont get down too much. Just keep sending your resume out to everyone possible. Having worked in management and hiring people for my department i will tell you that now a days it takes a long time to get through all the resumes. 200 people applying for one csr position is time consuming. After 2 months of not being employed people started finally calling on me way after i applied. Hang in there. You will find something. My advice is inthe meantime collect unemployment and volunteer somewhere while you are looking. At least you are keeping yourself busy and it looks good on your resume and to potential employers rather than sitting around waiting. Good luck to you all!

A friend was in a local shop where she use to work, and over heard this situation the other day....A lady came in and asked for the manager, because she wanted her resume to be passed on..the lady behind the till said manager was not there today. The person then asked the lady behind the till if she could pass her resume on to him...Till lady said, "Oh sure"....As soon as she walked away, my friend witnessed till lady rip up this job seekers resume and trash it!!! How horrible is that?

I don't want to add more gloom to everyone's stories, but the future isn't looking too bright for us over 40 workers, no matter what kind of degrees or job skills we possess.<br />
I don't have any college to speak of unfortunately. I am a 48 yr old woman who got into truck driving late in life and instead of going over the road, went with a local driving job instead. That part of the industry has moved out of my area and I am now having to drive a 100 miles round trip a day JUST to have a job, yet even then, they have cut our hours and if the weather is wet, we don't work for a week. I am on the verge of losing my home I've lived in 19 years, and my once stellar credit is shot! I was unemployed over a year when I found this current job, yet even though I fill out applications and send off my resume daily for jobs I am qualified for, I don't get so much as a rejection letter.<br />
I don't know what is going to happen to the older members of the workforce if this keeps on? I just know something has got to give. We should not be cast aside like yesterdays trash! We still have families, homes, vehicles and bills to pay, so why should we be overlooked?

My sentiments exactly - like you I have always worked and now at the age of 55 am for the first time ever unemployed - no response to job applications and feel very let down by my employer as I feel they could have avoided closure. Worst time of the year to have time on your hands and no money!

#1, niceguyinhell is right. How quickly we forget. It's hard not to defend Pres. Obama, the guy took office after the snowball had started rolling. He (administration) have done much to try and slow-down that snowball and ultimately decrease the impact when it hits bottom. Hey, I didn't like those a-holes getting bail-outs either. Yet, I know, because I have a functional brain, had these businesses crashed, the country would have certainly fell to an even deeper abyss. Seems like in times such as this it is more important than ever to keep the mind open and keep reactions intelligent and under control. Okay, 52, male, "in professional transition" for a year. Same as others here. Never had a problem getting a job. Was always self-taught then went to school in 1996 and changed directions. I did earn more money. In the end, it's not making the difference I'd hoped for. It is very hard to ride this out. But, we Americans have had this coming, we brought it on. We sold out, got greedy, lived beyond our means. People may argue my point here, which only exhibits the denial and arrogance of the American. I have done it. I've not saved enough. I've had too many dinners out. And now, savings nearly drained, single,living above a garage at my parents, depressed and frightened. So, SDNMILLER, I feel your pain. Hard not to be angry at the past administrations, best to learn from them. All we can do is live simple and try to redirect our country so as to become less dependent, more self-sufficient, and learn what it means to be content. I will do these things in my own life and be wary of debt, RE ownership and run-a-way materialistic spending to attain the fantasy happiness. The 50's American family life-style is dead. The stereotypical dream is over. Don't hang on to a sinking ship. Change is alive, change is okay, change is normal. I'd be very happy to be back in the mobile home and flower garden, sauna, shop, I had when I was 21. So this is crazy to some of us. Be smart, keep the pendulum in the middle and run from those who are on the extremes of opinion on either side(s). Good times and keep smiling and support others in your similar situation, we all need it.

(eye roll)<br />
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Good lord. The economy was nose diving into the ******* while BUSH was still President...and no one here thinks Bush was a radical socialist. This economy is just the end result of letting Big Business do whatever the **** they want. Think ENRON only on a national scale.

I am a univeristy educated man. Unfortunately unemployed. After graduating one year prior with a degree in Political Sceince, I wil leave one point for future bloggers.<br />
<br />
OSAMA<br />
<br />
OBAMA<br />
<br />
There are two differences in the two names above. There is one letter difference, and the way that the two have and are destroying the land that men and women have lost their lives for; terrorism and socialism. You do the math.

I'm in the same boat. I was originally laid off in 2008, found another job 7 months later only to be laid off again after 6 months. I have a BA and an MBA and am have been working at a job not in my field that pays 14 bucks and hour. I've spent all of my savings in between jobs and on necessities (food, gas, utilites etc). Car broke down, had to spend 1k to get it fixed in order to be able to get to and from interviews and to and from the job I am at now. I've applied EVERYWHERE. Interviewed, always to either hear "sorry, we have filled the position with another candidate", or worse, to hear nothing at all. I'm severly depressed at this point and am feeling like a real loser. I can't find a job in my field, can't afford to pay my student loans. I used up all of my unemployment benefits, all of my savings and am barely scraping by right now............and when I say barely, I mean my rent has been paid, but I only have $5 in the bank until payday, which is a week away. Even when I get that check I have to spend it to pay utilites and pay for a payday loan I had to get (that killed me to do that). I'm drowning slowly but surely. I don't know what else to do. No one understands. All they say is "Stay positive, keep your head up, you will bounce back, just believe it will happen." I can't stay positive any longer, I can barely even get out of bed anymore. I feel like all of my work experience and degrees have been a total waste of time. I am backed into a corner, I'm scared and don't know what else I can possibly do.

"They can't repossess a degree, right?"<br />
<br />
I think that is brilliant! Haha. I think it's a good idea.<br />
<br />
I do agree that there is work that can be done (jobs) but companies have simply decided that now isn't a "good time" to hire anyone......but if you pressed them for a specific reason they probably couldn't give you an answer other than, "Well our competitors aren't hiring so they must know something we don't!"<br />
<br />
And if you asked their competitors why they aren't hiring? They'll just point to the other guys and say the same thing. "Well...<i>they</i> aren;t hiring so they must know something we don't about the economy.!"<br />
<br />
This whole hiring freeze bullshit is purely psychological on the part of CEO's. They don't know what the **** they are doing. **** you Ayn Rand! There are no "brilliant" uber-man CEO's. They are all just mildly retarded ******** with billions in the bank and no clue how to function in the real world let alone how to run a business.

I'm having employment troubles too. It's just horrible out there.

Uh... you will not like it coming from a girl of age as young as 22. I graduated last year with an engineering degree and still jobless. Didn't even get hired after scoring an ace at hiring process, bad luck! No internships, not even unpaid. Just wondering to start college all over again, with some other subjects, or something like that. Finances will kill; degrees just cost too much.<br />
It's sad that a person as experienced as you is not able to find a job. The economy is killing and corruption too. I hope you find a decent job. Best of luck!