Unemployed, Lonely And Scared To Death!

I am a female in early 50's...I always have worked, had investments...Now everything has slipped away. I am in a horrible relationship and feel I could be kicked out anytime...I have no place to go, do not know where to turn. Is there anyone out there in my situation? How can I find someone to take a chance on me???!!! I would move anywhere in the US to have a job and a life again. I keep praying and praying to God for an answer, a friend, anything.
My mind has turned to mush out of fear...Friends have turned there backs on me...Please anyone, anywhere with suggestions?
I never thought this would happen to me...I made some very bad decisions over the last couple years, but I am a good person...Anyone with any advice...PLEASE WRITE PLEASE.

glbluff glbluff
51-55, F
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I feel for what you have just described precious one. 3 jobs this year have ended in failure. I am currently unemployed, living with a relative. And my mind has also become a mushy sieve through an uninterrupted score of fearful thoughts. Let us keep reaching out for understanding and help from others. May you find all the peace, joy, and security that you deserve. Gordon

As we can see there are many people in our situation. I pray that something will come my way. I have been unemployed for 6 months and have went through all my savings as of this month. I know we all are going through seasons in our lives but surely there is a plan for us. We must all put forth effort to find our way. Best wishes to all of you.

I am your age and in your spot too. I cashed out my 401k to move home and leave the us. I am almost out of money, my rent is alot, and I have a dependent child. I don't know what I am going to do. I know no one here. I pray alot. I am going to have to get real creative, real quick. My son has no idea we might lose our house. You are not alone.

I am now in the same position. I am living with relatives and this can't go on forever. My problem is it was a low paying job and my ex boss did this to me ON PURPOSE and the bitterness is absolutely devastating me. Me and at least 10 others over the years I worked there. I wake up every night about 3:00 and thats it. Torture, and now I have a permanent physical problem from the job too...and can't afford to find out if its cancer. I can hardly take it. I never worked so hard on a job in my life.

You're not alone, whereever or whoever you are, glbluff. I'm lonely and scared. I live in Washington state. I'm divorced. I love my son, but he lives with his mother about 20 minutes away. I am struggling financially, one day to the next. At least you've always had a job and investments, till now! Pat yourself on the back for that. I am not going to offer advice. I will just tell you that whoever you are, I feel for you and care for you, as long as you're not a sociopath or something like that.<br />
I understand the part about the mind turning to mush out of fear. I'm there a lot. It is 2:19 a.m. here in Port Orchard, WA, and I'm suffering insomnia, like always, wondering about money. I am a lawyer, but I'm self-employed and struggling totally. Too much stress, not enough money. Whereever you are, whoever you are, somebody hopes for you to be happy and safe. That would be me. For what it's worth.

Get out and walk everyday and exercise atleast an hour. Just walk atleast 2 miles every day.Its o.k. to be scared. That is your evolution telling you to start dealing..like the man says "baby steps' "Rome<br />
wasn't built in a day". Eat good food..no junk food (no salt,minimal meat,no bad saturated fats,palm oil,white bread) lots of fruits..banana's are cheap and good for you. Than think positively...and everyday is precious..don't flounder it by lying in bed or going to the dark side. We all have dark sides where like a movie we can put it into our brain console and than you are depressed. Tension and release..up and down, love and fear (loneliness) rich /destitute, good health- illness...Love yourself you are great and wonderful only one of you ever made and a child<br />
of God ( the wind,trees,sun,snow,water,moon) it's great...volunteer and go to places like a church or a awarness meditative support group and help each other...Also go to stores where they sell estate clothes and linens...Like a Savers or a Boomerangs, Goodwill etc...Be well and know you are meant to be here and are part of God's creation. Yes, always remember death. No one lasts forever except our souls so get your soul in order as well and you will never fear. It is a practice that you can learn and everyone suffers its human nature to struggle. And be active in where your tax money is going? I mean we seem to have 100's of Billions for bombs and war machinery...how about hiring unemployed people to beautify poor neighborhoods and plant trees,hire kids of single parents and make them clean their streets and visit elderly people...that will make you patriotic when you feel it is worth defending your neighborhood...charity begins at home Mr. Politician...you..yeah you..pick up the phone and ask them to help you yeah you...after all you pay them...but remember never be bitter...just active...peace to you and love yourself as your neighbor.

I am 46 -unemployed I found a job and 3 months into it I was struck by lightening and then fired. I have huge hospital bills and cannot do followup care for everything I need to because I don't have health insurance any longer. My car broke down and my insurance is now cancelled. No job, no car, pretty soon no house and I don't have anyone else. I too am SCARED TO DEATH. I have always had a job since I was 11 years old. Now I have more problems on my plate.then I can handle. My friends go on with their jobs I don't think they know what to say or do.<br />
<br />
I am glad I found this post and chain of comments. I don't feel so lonely and there is some good advice here. We need to get up every day no matter what and make a plan. Call those numbers to get ready for anything. We need to find a Church too. Good Luck and hang in there and like the Movie What About Bob - Baby Steps.

Im 45 and have had only two jobs in my life. I worked hard and moved up the ranks with only two years of college. Then it all came crumbling down! ive been out of work for 9 months! Being a devote Catholic, ive almost given up on my faith!

I have been looking for work also, I have had more interviews lately. I have put in many resumes targeting various companies I had worked for in past and also temporary and holiday jobs. There has been interest and I hope to get back in government with IRS. It just is a long process now. I had a good job last year but I had to relocate the year before to Dallas TX. I was away from family and friends only knew people from my old office in KC. It was lonely in TX learning new city which is crowded and fast paced. People are not as friendly and down to earth there, hard to make new friends in Dallas, they are more into themselves and own families. I did survive but health got worse due to stress and asthma, returned to KC last year in 2009. I never knew it was this tough out here. I too am past 50. Don't give up things are improving in different sectors, medical and government and administrative. I might have to move but I am still working on improving resume and networking with friends. I have even got leads from people at church. Go to United Way I called them from 211 on my phone they gave me help for locating assistance with my utility bills. The Salvation Army helped with 150 pymt to electric, I paid $150 from unemployment. I am also writing my congressmen about this matter it is serious out here. Yve

I aint had a job for years and ive found the golden rule of living within your means the only way to do it. Yep your gona loose freinds and be alone and vulnerable, but thats life as we know it Jim.

I do too scared of death. But, I just keep thinking that maybe God has a reason for all of this. I know there is.

Im sorry,Im not putting you down,I will permanatly drop the subject ok.I probably exaderated the truth.I just overreacted.calm down.

Hi, I am also in my early 50s, a couple of months ago, I was in a similar situation, but I have since dusted myself up and determined to press on in life. Life is only over for him/her that thinks it is over. Moreover, there are freelance jobs you can do from home and still earn money without ever having to work for anyone else again. You can still piece your life back together. Prayer is important. pray and also take a corresponding action. There are lots of opportunites out there. Contact me if you need more information.

Go back to church and become friends again, god and people will accept you back. I prefer a Christian church but any open door, open mind and open heart will do.<br />
ba<x>sed on your experience working, find another job like that. Go to the employment office and ask them for a counselor. Go to a senior citizen center and ask them for a counselor, go to the federal office of employment OPM and ask for a counselor.<br />
Finally, prioritize your hurt and set time for each one. After a while, you will see what is more important and other problems go away.