I Left My Job And Took A Big Risk...

Many people in my life thought I was crazy and stupid when I told them I was resigning from my job back in April. Even though I despised it with a passion and it was negatively impacting my physical and mental health, people still felt I was fortunate just to have a job in such a tough economy and urged me to keep it until something else came along...especially since my spouse doesn't have steady income. Actually, this job has been eating away at me for quite some time and was actively looking for other opportunities for over a year with no success. I was also going through a hard time...that combined with this job, I just broke down and couldn't take it anymore...so I resigned (on good terms) with my job and even gave up my apartment and left town.

Even though i'm unemployed and have no permanent address, i'm a lot happier than I have been in awhile and still feel that the job did me more harm than good...the money wasn't THAT worth it and it didn't provide me benefits anyway. I am now eating better, drinking less, not getting sick as much, my stress levels are down, and my blood pressure is back to normal. I also took that vacation of a lifetime that I always wanted that would have never been possible had I stayed at the job. I now have more time and energy for myself and the people I love. I used to miss out on that due to long, crazy work hours or simply not having it in me since that job was eating away all of my energy.

But on a more bleak note, i'm unfortunately not independently wealthy...my savings is dwindling and I still need a job. I realized that the economy was bad when I decided to take this risk, but still thought I would be okay if I worked hard enough at pursuing employment. And WOW! I wasn't expecting it to be THAT bad! I can't even count how many jobs i've applied to and NOTHING! No phone calls, no interviews, no "thanks for applying." All I get is spam and email responses from schools and fake jobs that want my money for "training and testing." And what ever happened to walking into a business, dropping off your resume, and talking personally to someone of authority? I try that and all I get is "you have to apply online." I then go online to spend hours filling out these time consuming, privacy invasive applications that repeatedly ask the same questions over and over and expect you to consent to honesty/personality tests, credit checks, drug tests, and detailed background checks for even some crappy retail job...and before you are even called for an interview. Then all of your personal information is hanging around in countless places for nothing! Not even a phone call! I find this an awful way of going about finding a job and hiring someone. All you are is a number in a computer among millions who you're in competition with. Tons of good people don't even get a chance unless they exactly fit a certain programmed profile. (Which can't be all that since many people currently working appear to be MORONS!) I'm actually intelligent and experienced with an excellent work ethic and many good things to offer an employer. It's so frustrating and discouraging and is so much wasted time and energy.

The job market is quite tight and competitive and realize going back to school for something might help me to stand out a little more, but unfortunately I do not have the money for this and am in enough college debt as it is. Besides it's no guarantee...I know plenty of folks with high degrees and are still broke and unemployed...and have been for months and even years at this point.

There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere. I'm trying everything. I'm applying to jobs both in and outside my field...and even jobs I am over qualified for and would normally never do. I am even looking in other locations outside of my locality and willing to relocate. There has gotta be something out there. I will continue to keep trying and am hoping and praying something looks up soon.

I'm wondering if I just should of held onto awful job...no matter how unhealthy or miserable it was. But I took a risk and there is no turning back now. I just hope it's worth it in the long run...
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I think we are sailing the same boat. I left my high paying job in june 2010, since it was taking atoll on my health Ate once a day, smoked 15 cogs a day, had 180 ml liquor everyday. Thought i would try my hand at some business and take up a job if that fails.Its now nearing 1.5 years , havent been able to set up any businesss and also can't seem to find a job since the last 9 months. I at times wonder if there is some cuss word or profanity in my CV which i missed, recruiters are seeing and not responding. Am depressed. Used up most of the money i had saved for starting the business on living expenditure.

Hi your story and the comments are inspiration for me (been having problems I've resign from my job--but different scenario) I learn not to give up and never loose hope. Again thank you ^_^ guys.

I went back to school after I got laid off and it was a very bad idea. It only put me in bigger debt than I already was. Hang in there. It's time to think outside the box. Hire yourself and stop looking for work. I wish someone had told me that early on. I wasted years until I figured out I had to think about selling something unique that I could offer. Best of luck and hang in there. My guess is you will look back and think this was the best thing you ever did.

Kudos to you. I am here because I am fairly certain I am about to join the ranks. I can really relate to the "eating better, drinking less" etc, because the job I have been in for the past 2 years has become a living nightmare, which has ruined my sleep cycle, and taken my alcohol tolerance to a place I am not terribly comfortable with, etc. I was actually relieved to get the email today from my manager that my Magical Numbers will have to come up by the end of the month or else ...(creating a trail of evidence to add to my file to prove she warned me, blah, blah, blah). I felt like I am about to get paroled. In this environment, I've come to believe there are many companies that feel they can get away with anything because people are scared to lose their jobs. I'm glad to hear that some have the courage to refuse to let their health be destroyed for the sake of a paycheck. Maybe the business world will eventually realize that their company is only as healthy as their sickest employee. Maybe, maybe not. But in my humble opinion, in that situation you made the only valid, sane choice there was to make. Again, hats off to you. And best of luck. It sounds to me like, without spending any money, you bought yourself something priceless -- additional years of life for later and quite a bit more quality of life for now.

Congratulations. The "man" wants you to be afraid to make changes in your own life. He wants your labor to enrich himself (of course, these gender biased metaphors are out dated, since women are also controllers of the means of production these days). Freedom at whatever level one can attain it is much more rewarding that being well paid (or at least paid) but feeling like one actually has little control over one's life. Although I am burning savings, and hoping that some earlier investments may lead to some gainful and meaningful employment, I spend time taking care of my old parents, doing sports and my garden hasn't ever looked better. It's a blessing to understand that I can live off of much less than what I used to.