College Ruined My Life

Im in debt up to my eyeballs to pay for this crappy college degree in business (bba). Its been 480 days since i graduated, and 1600 job applications later. im on the brink of suicide. if college graduates have only a 4% unemployment rate, and i was in the top 50 percent of my graduating class, how come i DONT HAVE A JOB YET?!! rejection letter after rejection letter is taking its tole on me. I cant do this much longer.
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I a in the same situation. I started Graduate school so that I could afford food, but I am about to lose my home. I am not sure I can go on this way. Have you gotten a job yet?

Most important things:How long you were unemployed,How old are you? and is your resume good compared to your age? Managers and customers don't care a lot about skills or what you can do they care about resume compared to the age.If you have some money in your budget you can make your own small business until you get a job or who knows may be you won't need any job any more...

I hear you and am in a similar situation. College graduates who work at McDonalds are considered "employed" for the purposes of calculating the unemployment rate. It is a very flawed statistic.

Have you talked to anyone in person or networked through friends and family? Generally if an employer can't see your face then you will get lost in the shuffle. Making contact through phone to follow up approximately 2 days later after you apply puts you back on top of the pile and gets you closer to an interview. <br />
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I would suggest trying an job agency and or temp agencies to earn money in the meantime. What jobs are you applying for ? One thing is for certain a college degree doesn't mean you will be up to middle management or higher right away. There are people who also have their degrees and several years of experience so you need to be able to start from the bottom and work your way up if that is what is available. It doesn't mean you can't move up. Believe or not researching the company and taking the time to make contact is a better way to get your foot the door. <br />
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Remember it doesn't matter about the quantity it is all about the quality. I would also take some job search classes cause searching for a job now days doesn't just include the traditional method of a job application. In fact job applications are an easy way to screen you out so I would highly recommend a cover letter and a resume, find out who is hiring and address it to them never do to whom it may concern. Two days later or so check to see if they have received your cover letter and resume. This gives you a chance to quickly reinstate your interest in the company and now the employer has a name, a voice, a cover letter and a resume. This puts you in a much better position to get an interview.<br />
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You can get all these tips from a job search agency and some of them are free, depending on where you live. If you have any questions I am here. I have been there and learned so much about what and what not to do. :)<br />
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Hang in there you won't be in this situation forever and take time to take care of your emotional needs as well -talk to friends, family, a counselor, forums like these are helpful. Come to think of it I should talk my own advice now and go help myself. <br />
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Let me know how it goes and take care.

This is an awesome comment. Calling up on the phone after putting in your app is really effective. Coming by in person is also good if you go at a time they are not busy and the manager is there.