And No, This Is Not Another Sob Story..

I see a common theme in many of the comments below these's stories. That being, "At least you have money". What is the excuse when you're still broke, yet you're wasting your time in a job that either ****** you off or bores you to death?

That is my loophole. I've worked many jobs in the last few years, and I never had a dime in my pocket. Not because I have kids, or college expenses at the time, but because my money was going back to my parents and household. I don't know if you all are familiar with the type, but my mother and father feel like ANY job is going to provide for everything, when that is far from the truth. I remember paying for internet; $50/month, car insurance; $30/month, fuel; $40-$65/month, groceries and maintenance (tampons, hair care, phone, etc); $200+ a month. All of this coming from jobs that only earned me $7.25 per hour, because that is the only thing available.

I want you to add up how much I was making with an average of 20-30 hours per check. With the exception of wal-mart, who forces their workers to do short shifts daily, equaling around 40-45 hours per check.
Average: $145-$217, minus taxes to $130-$190
Wal-Mart: $290-$326, minus taxes, $255-$290, minus double the fuel, because it was an hour away at this particular location.

My Expenses: -$345 at the very least. -$370 minimum at Wallyworld. That left me around $60-$100 per month of leftover cash, if I was lucky. Now pencil in the wear and tear fees of driving my car back and forth, especially tires (cause daddy ain't paying for parts when babygirl has a job ^_^), the need for new shoes, new bras, new panties, required workclothes, and whatever holidays came around where mama and papa want a gift.

What's left?

Not a damn thing. I work minimum wage jobs to give back to others, NOT for myself. And the worst part about it is, I didn't even have my free time anymore, especially at wallyworld. I had horrible jobs, I was miserable, STILL BROKE, and I couldn't even recover from the BS at work because I had no time for ME. At that time, I was doing a homeschooling program as well to get my diploma, WHICH, I also paid for half of the last year's tuition cost, $850 dollars. But I was happy to do that, because the public schools here are insane.

So, if anyone asks me why I don't have a job, here are the reasons. Minimum wage jobs don't benefit ME at all. Hence, the reason why I'm in college, for a chance to have a feasible income.
Infinite9 Infinite9
70+, F
May 9, 2012