I'm 20 Years Old and I've Never Had a Job.

I have been on the brink of having a job only once. I have applied to plenty of places, but it never really works out. I don't know how to drive so I can't travel to a job. I don't really know how to work the public transportation in this city and so, I'm always broke. I'm thinking of applying to blockbuster soon. Hopefully, I'll get the job. 

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hope so to

I understand how the 'get busy' advice above might sound, but I also understand why some people are making 'negative' comments. I want to acknowledge how bad things are in the US, but I also know that if too many young people give up and / or don't think smarter about their futures, then things will get even worse. If there was ever a moment to get serious--not political--about creating subsidized programs in colleges to guide young people in a practical direction, this would be it! We have accepted a K12 system filled with political correctness, but lacking in sound educational principles and practices for decades--and now we are abandoning our young--and all too often under-prepared--college graduates when they need responsible leadership the most. As a college professor, I am ashamed of our colleges for turning into for-profit factories of mediocre education, hidden behind lavish facilities and easy A's. Parents and / or students pay a fortune, and don't even get a decent education in return, much less a job. To begin to get our young people working as soon as possible is one of the best investments that America could make in its own future, but the US Congress and Senate will not abandon the special interests who, for instance, make tons of money from defaulted student loans, or make huge profits from young people’s ignorance regarding balanced nutritional practices, moderation in alcohol consumption, or healthy reproductive practices. Nothing will change until the American public marches on Washington DC and scares the beJesus out of politicians. <br />
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By the way, if you need help with your CV, send it to me. I am an expert on such things, and would be happy to help. Very good luck to you.

i am 20th year old man,<br />
i am classified of 12th class,<br />
easy jobs and i am computer of basic and internet and my match very fast and my computer speed of 45%

well, at first reading this story and comments made me feel a little depressed, but then i realized i've heard it all before, and now i'm starting to really think it's not just me...i'm not alone...and that makes me feel better, even if we are a minority...and who knows, maybe us overeducated, underexperienced people will be useful when 'the way things are' becomes 'the way things were'...and i really believe that that's what is happening. Society doesn't like to acknowledge change, i'd keep that as a rule of thumb.

i agree

I live in Virginia. I have not found a job and I am twenty years old. I worked at a shipyard for almost a year but I stopped to go to community college. I feel what you are going through I am also having a difficult time finding a job and my situation is the exact opposite. I have a car and i have been on two interviews one of them being blockbuster ironically. People just aren't hiring right now I want to get a move on with my life, but nothing is pushing me. I feel like everything will happen all at once and I am hopeful for the future.

There is also the problem of unavailable work. The Bachelor's will not help you. <br />
<br />
As a matter of fact, there are federal government internships here in canada that give 30k a year to teach highschool drop outs how to do the jobs they should be hiring people with a bachelor degree to do. <br />
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Also, there is the big huge problem of student loans. The U.S. is even more privatized than Canada, so its probably much much worse there, but here they put you into collections without notifying you, and all of a sudden, while your looking for work, or a place to live, you find yourself in a position where you have to live with your parents or friends, because you can't rent (credit check with 40k owing will always prevent you from getting an apt.) <br />
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The red tape will force your deep into the cracks of society. <br />
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Im 27 years old, I had years of experience in volunteer work and service industry jobs. After graduating university, with a BA in political science *specializing in political theory, (top of my class, tutor and the person everyone came to for help) and there is no work for me. <br />
<br />
There hasnt been for 4 years. <br />
<br />
I cant go back to school because of the osap debt, can't rent an apt or buy a house, or even get a credit card, with the osap debt. <br />
<br />
Ive applied to banks, non governmental organizations, the government, arts and culture jobs, restaurants, even call centers, and I have not had a call back. <br />
<br />
More than that, the red tape will put you in a corner and just when you think you cant go any further, your somehow behind the wall.<br />
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I was on social assistance while looking for work here. Did a lot of voluteering to try to get contacts and potential jobs. Nothing was working. Now, they have a 'start your own business' thing, where you can't actually make any money, or they take it off your check, but you can try to make a go of it. <br />
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There are quotas to stay in the program (a 60 week program), I did not make my quota, so I was no longer in the program. That didnt stop them from cutting me off assistance at 60 weeks, and then I was told that the original art paintings that I painted are now assets, and until I sell them I cannot go back on assistance. But I cant give them away either..<br />
<br />
I could go on forever. <br />
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Seriously, a bachelors degree will put you further behind. Dont get it unless your going to get your phd. Its absolutelly useless, and worse, then your overqualified and under experienced for the jobs that are out there, and you will have a giant debt blocking your every direction, and high school drop outs making more money than you. <br />
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If I had dropped out of school many many years ago, Id have a job paying 30k right now, working for the government with full benifits, and as it stands, Im almost homeless, 3 months behind in rent, and there are no jobs to be had.

I know that. I'm currently in my senior year in college, another reason I don't have a job. When I graduate I'll have a job waiting for me in Chicago. Of course, having minimal experience won't help me, but having a Bachelor's of science will.

dont listen to people with negative comments im 20 years old and ive never worked nor do i know how to drive and i live in chicago and if people knew how it was with unemployment out here they would shut up!!!or anywhere for that matter,but learning how to use public transportation shouldnt be that hard wherever you but in chicago its fairly easy :)

you aren't helping yourself by not having a job by now. you are too old to have never had a job.

If you don't know something then you should learn. Especially if it is something that you want. If you don't want more then don't be more. Find out what you are good at and become the best at it. What is your #1 characteristic that people love about you? Find that and work at it and put a majority of your energy into it. So what I'm saying is find your strengths and demonstrate those as best as possible and learn how to better utilize them. As for your weaknesses...they will always be weaknesses so don't put as much energy into them and try to make them strengths. But continue to give the them some energy so they are not complete weaknesses. Just now that your weaknesses will never surpass your strengths. <br />
<br />
So in your interviews demonstrate your strengths as most as possible. If you you do that successfully, they will look past your weaknesses because your strengths will make up for them. Then they will hire you over the next "average joe." So make yourself stick out from the average.<br />
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What's stopping you from learning how to use the public transportation system? Read the time tables until they make sense, or ask for help.<br />
You don't mention family or friends. Can they help you learn to drive?<br />
My real concern is that you're setting yourself up. You could easily get stuck in a relationship and feel as though you have no options.