The Significance Is In The Ends And The Endurance

I liked to share this extract from my notebook of my lifetime with you and I hope it’ll catch your interest no matter who you are and try to recount it in a very modified, clear, summed up and straightforward way.
I don’t know whether he( afiend of mine said that one studied studied studied for the job...or say money.. and another could reduce that quest, directly finding a job..) that was comparing himself with me or just talking impulsively. He wasn’t so successful in his pre-university levels, and he didn’t pass the Baccalaureate exam ; but me, I enrolled on university, and so and so, and I’m, therefore , I’m jobless penniless ; in the other hand he is Ok, well earned, well-being . .
I argued with him. No , it wasn’t an argument; I tried to not make it an argument and tell him that I’m aware of that. I described my trend on that as he did.
I said “ don’t compare , never . . .ever! We shouldn’t compare ourselves with another or others, cause everybody has his own way in life has to pursuit. Everybody has his own flaws and strains has to fight struggle against. That’s life; tests between endowment and deprivation; and “
lauditus lauditus
22-25, M
Aug 11, 2012