Jobless And About To be Homeless

have been jobless now for two years now. It is quite humiliating. I worked two jobs since I graduated high school. I should of persued my dream. Doing bicycle races and opening up my own bike shop. I was stupid and did not do it. Now that jobs are scarce. Employers want resumes for jobs that do not really have any skills what so ever. I am even willing to do houskeeping work. Now I no what my greatgrand parents feel like. I am selling everything I own pretty much. I am sick of society. I have even thought of commiting suicide. But I am thinking of taking one last adventure and documenting every moment of it. I am sick of being unemployed. I fill out a three to four apps a week and no replies. I curse the employers. I hope their business fails at times. Just because of them being so picky. I know thats bad but I do. I see the economy getting worse. The unemployment office thows up false numbers. There is a lot of families and people unemployed and homeless. It is sad that people think that the homeless and jobless are there because of drinking and drugs. I say they are shallow minded. Plus inmature for thinking of that. Maybe there is hope. Maybe it is time to refelct and pray and live in the wilderness. I am on an unknown road in my life. I am a bit scared a bit nervous. It keeps me awake till wee hours of the morning. I know I am not the only one. I hope there is light and a employer with a willing heart to give someone a chance. If there is there is very few. I just want to work. I miss working.

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Just your average person,

Kate :))

wow a bike shop, there is a huge demand for that type of business. You could always try to migrate to brazil, housekeepers are fairly common and they recently passed legislation limiting the amount hours they can work. Or maybe you should move to brazil anyway, if your going to do nothing with your life, why don't you enjoy it instead of complaining???

I feel ya, I'm 30 years old and only just took a look at the past 15 years of my life. Nothing but disappointment compounded by events I have no control over that do impact my life. It's getting to the point I'd rather sell the car to pay off the credit cards, those companies that don't think twice about allowing a kid to get a line of credit. I met one gal during a clinical study, she was talking about how she had no home but the way she spoke just implied such a degree of freedom that it left an impression on me.

Bob, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I know that sometimes if feels like the world is ending and that it's not worth being in it. I have felt the same way manyatimes. But please don't lose hope. If you can, volunteer and also get your name out to the temp agencies. Sometimes they have positions that are not even listed on line. Leave no stone unturned. I will pray for you and for others in similar situations. There has to be a better way!!

i hope your dreams come true

I hear ya! am in the same boat. I'm not lazy plus I don't even drink or do drugs, not even cigarettes!

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