Mobbed Out

I was at my last job for 10 years. My ex-boss and I got along pretty well with my boss, and co-workers. Then, a couple of years ago, a new grad started. This little sh*t started brown-nosing boss-lady. My boss started then acting strangely towards me. A year later, a vacancy was available at work, and one of her ex-college mates was hired immediately. So now, there were two brown-nosers, working together. My ex-boss' treatment towards me began to get worse and worse, and I was told who was putting negative ideas in her head, by another person in the department.
Meanwhile, another college-mate of the minions was without a job, as there was no vacancy at the moment, and one day I get called into boss-lady's office, to tell me I was terminated! Boss-lady claimed that ALL my co-workers came to her complaining about me (not true, I asked) about my being incompetent. After I left the department, not an hour goes by boss-lady was calling the friend of the favorite, telling her there was a full time position available and it was hers!
These horrible people pushed me out to get the friend in.
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Same thing happened to me and I'm going to take it as a learning experience and NOT let it happen again. Surround yourself with positive people, and pray for peace for your inner soul and it will happen my friend!

Well, there is no use in slugging it out with 3 workers and a boss if they are determined to run you off. There is a lot of stress that accompanies fighting these people. If they can get you to quit, the boss isn't responsible for your unemployment checks. At least that's the way it is in my home state.

I figure, I will no longer go that easy anymore. I feel I have some strength in knowledge, they don't know I've been mobbed before. There is a perverse satisfaction mind games, they know how. It's widespread but a quiet secret in the work place (and colleges & Universities), eventually you will be driven out.

The boss probably instigated it. They new person came on as more efficient and cheaper by slamming you. With backing each other, it's a tough place to be especially if they are equal to you.

In fairness, I would say that leaving is the best thing. That's because the mental and physical hardship isn't worth the time there or the lousy paycheck.

I figure their time will come to them too. It's a Karma thing.

They did get me fired. Interestingly, a couple of weeks ago, in the Times, there was an article about how the COO and the CFO were fired and escorted out of the building. The little girl they hired after firing me was the CFO's son's ex-gf!
As you said Karma....

That is how they work. Be glad you are not there fighting three including your boss. It's gang mentality and the victim is always alone (isolated). Not much you can do except be cool. Once the boss is "in", your days become numbered.

I've been mobbed for more than 30 years in many different settings. The first few times, I admit that it was terrifying but later I just learned to leave.

The last instance, I fought back and I believe I won despite me having to leave. I made sure I left with everything either destroyed or undone, and the work I left was superhuman so nobody can achieve that level. I quit on my own accord and hurt them without getting myself in trouble.

Admittingly, it's a crappy and dirty score to drop that low but the playing field becomes more equal and there is a redeeming sense of victory even though you probably have to leave. It's childish and underhanded but hey, they were going to do it to you knowing you will not go to that level. Though after what had happened to me in the past, I had a devilish delight in play head games with them too.

Remember, you can make things work your way if you have more experience than your enemies.

It DID include boss-lady...

Sounds like the school playground.

Yes, it was somewhat like that.

I am so sorry this happened to you. I underwent a similar situation with two co-workers that also bullied me out of a job. But I am a firm believer that karma is a b*tch and people do get what they deserve eventually. Hang in there!

I'm trying to. It's been hard though, and I think I'm going to need counseling. I STILL trouble talking about it. I start to cry. Also, I'm so afraid of finding myself in the same situation somewhere else. I don't think I can handle going through that again!

Do things that make you happy. Don\'t focus on what they are trying to do. Know that God sees everything and its only a matter of time before you will see your enemy no more.