Finally Got A Job! Come Work With Me!!!!

So, ever since I had moved back home to help resolve some family issues that had taken place, I had been without a job! Devastating to say the least as I am use to working. Well, my sister introduced me to "-----" for liability purposes I can't say the name as I have already gotten a letter about once lol. Anyway I have been with them for 6 months now and my pay is good! If it wasn't I wouldnt be here bragging now! Now, I'm about to say something that will cause many to stop reading and that's ok because you will never know the truth until you ask in depth questions. I work from home servicing a "major phone company" with major personal and business clients so the hours are plenty and the paycheck is awesome...and im training for one other client that handles "returns". SO i just said alot without saying too much. I haven't had a bad experience yet and my checks have never been ugly! Ok so now i sound like a spokes person and im not trying to. LOL because there's nothing for me to gain. And you can't sign up under me or anything like that so there's nothing in it for me Im just genuinely happy to be working....When I Want Too!!! If you want the name of the site let me know. There is going to be a presentation done saturday at 6 and if you would like to come to see what I do I would love to show you!! If you want the link send me your email for an invitation I want unemployed people every where to have something to be happy about.
ChanceSx2 ChanceSx2
22-25, F
Sep 11, 2012