Unemployed Since September 2008

In Sept. 2008 I was laid off/ Fired. For no reason outside of my new super being jealous of me. I knew more than him, he was being paid more than me, and was afraid he would lose his position to myself. I knew that would never happen because he had a college education and I didn't. Basically I was training my new boss. Anyway, from that point on I didn't look for work. Didn't even care. I sat around and didn't absolutely nothing. Yep, I played online all the time. Ran around with my unemployed/disabled friends, took trips, and spent more time with my daughter and son. I did this for the entire 99 weeks of unemployment. Did I care...? Nope. It is what it is. The one day it was time to find a JOB. 

I signed up with any and all temp agencies. I applied for every job I could walk into and get a real application. But nothing real came. I had temp jobs here and there. Crap jobs is more like it. But it bought me more time on Unemployment eventually. I was fired from temp jobs time and time again. Seem's like I would work the 45-90 days and they would slam me out the door. Probably because my work performance stunk since the job stunk. I didn't give 100% . I am just being honest. But each 45-90 days on the job bought me more time on unemployment because it allowed me to reopen my old case again. No, this time I only got like 14-14-7-7 those are in weeks by Tiers. So I got 42 more weeks each time. Twice. And one check for 1277.00 inbetween two missed checks. Those two only amounted to 245 each so I have no idea where they come up with that figure. But it was deposited and yep you guessed it, I spent it. :)

Am I proud of myself? No, not really. But I am not exactly disgusted either. So for the Third time, I have just finished drawing 14-14-7-7 weeks of unemployment and they cut me off. I wasn't quite expecting this. It didn't seem like it was time already. But here I am raising a 16 yr old young man. I've been unemployed since 8/2008 technically and I am supposed to be a role model for my son. Now he is saying he wan't to go on disability. He must have got that idea from our friends. Anyway.... I just started work this week packing corogated boxes in a hot sweaty warehouse, making 11.00 per hour. (where we live that is a decent wage) but the hours plummmmmm STINK. I don't like second shift. They want me there 4p to 2a. This isn't going to work. I am only going to stick with this long enough to start up a new claim on my old claim from 2008. Then back to 14-14-7-7 again. What? See, no gas money to worry about, Rent and utilities is covered no wear and tear on vehicle and I am get all the R & R I want. Plus I have signed my son up for Disability, and I am sure he will get it, he has issues. So that's two incomes. I am thinking that if he gets the Disability started I wont have to ever work anyway. 

I am 51 yrs old. Don't like working, My body is falling apart. I have no insurance. I need two surgeries. One for a bad cuspid, and one for a hernia below the belly button. I also have extremely high blood pressure. And I like 420 now days. So...... I think once his disability starts (and back pay) then I am home free. 

Am I wrong? Don't say Lazy, cause I already know that. Moocher? Yes, I know that too. Don't care. The government has mooched off my paychecks for years. I have no guilt. or Shame! 

Not too many out there can be as honest about Unemployment as I have.. I am not scared of sarcasm or judgemental people. 

Just telling it like it is.

If my family or friends read this..... they can read between the lines, of my three fingers. I prefer to NOT listen to anyone but myself. I've earned that!
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Sep 20, 2012