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Getting things out of the way, part 1
I saw one of my former classmates recently at a holiday party.
"How's the job hunt going?"
"Meh", I said.
The next question she uttered with much hesitation.
"So, how many now?"
"845, as of this morning."
Her jaw dropped. "Oh... god.. I can't believe..."

She proceeded to go on how unjust that was, and how talented I am and how much I've done. And then said what everyone says about everything these days:

"You should blog about your job hunt".

I've thought about blogging about my job hunt since it officially began in June, 2011, but I feared I'd come across as a whiny, bitchy curmudgeon.
I didn't want to complain.
I didn't want to be negative.
I didn't want to author an entire blog about job hunting and how ****** it is being unemployed, only to have that blog uncovered by a prospective employer and the prospects be dropped.

But I figure after 18 months and over 850 job applications, I might as well. Hell, I'll even throw on some AdSense ads here and maybe even make money. After all, it's a new year, and if every person who was unemployed started a blog, and read the blogs of all the other employed folks out there, and clicked on the ads, we might get this economy back on track!

(Ha ha. That's a joke. Kind of.)

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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

there you go, instead of asking someone to give you a job you created one yourself. Be proud.

A blog is not a job.