Lost Life

I from my childhood never have anything that i wanted, I always perform average in academic section and got bullied by others in school.I thought of doing suicide many a times but somehow made my mind not to do that. But this time is a big failure, i got low percentage in btech and not getting any job. I'm preparing for govt exam but is frustrated now. Day by day it is getting hard for me to survive.I don't have anyone to talk about it, don't have friends. I just wish I would have born in a rich family, looks smart and have both power and intelligence.
lostlife94 lostlife94
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

hey lostlife94, I am so sorry to hear you are so unhappy. I can highly recomment a daily motivational newsletter like http://www.thedailymotivation.net. Please try to think more positively and importantly, do some regular exercise (what is your favourite - just do this 3 x / week and you will get good at it) to make you feel better and gain confidence & finally pick one thing that you like doing the most and get really good at it - you will find that this will make you a much happier and fulfilled person. Good luck!